420 Fest in Amsterdam

We are proud to be part of he only cannabis festival in Amsterdam this year: 420 Fest!  The location of this cannabis EXPO + Festival is ‘Noorderlicht Café’ in Amsterdam at the industrial hotspot called the ‘NDSM Werf’. With a great city-view and with the in and outdoor EXPO, this is a must visit for you as a cannabis enthusiast!

Free Cannabis EXPO & Free Vapes!

On the 20th of April you can visit the free cannabis expo from 12.00 till 18.00, with music, food and the biggest coffeeshop and cannabis brands from Amsterdam and Holland. We will host out famous Vape Stand with the best Block hash from our menu, together with Amsterdam Genetics!

420 Fest About the lineup

Originating from Los Angeles, USA, Reverie is one of the hottest acts to come out of California in recent years. With her brother as producer this family duo have been dropping gems since their 1st mixtape “Castle In The Air” came out in 2009. Since then she has continued to bring new sounds to her fans with her ever developing style of HipHop

Born in the UK, with roots in Iraq, British rapper Lowkey is well known for his political views as well as his music. After almost 7 years since his last release, Lowkey returns to release his new album “Soundtrack to the struggle 2” at the offical Amsterdam Launch party. A meet & greet with Lowkey will also be available during the evening

See you on 420 at 12.00!

More information: https://www.420fest.nl/