A Happy 2020 420 From 020!


To Amsterdam and to the world: here at Boerejongens, we extend our warm congratulations to all of you! Today is the twentieth of April and as many of you know, it’s the cannabis community’s main international holiday. Happy 420 everyone!

Of course, today is different from all 420s that came before. As in just about any area of life, the current strange crisis conditions have severely limited the options available in 420-land. That makes 420 2020 a more sober occasion than we’re used to here in 020 (our Amsterdam postal code). A pity for sure; especially with all these nice corresponding numbers we have this year. No outdoor gatherings, no festivals, and everything that does continue has to happen at a 1.5-metre minimum distance.  We’ll just have to deal with it. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll all be outside in the sunshine this time next year: we’ll use ’21 to add some extra party vibes as we celebrate the liberties Dutch cannabis policy offers the community.

Cannabis day in Amsterdam
Let’s Keep It Modest This Year.

420 – What Do You Mean?

For anyone who doesn’t know what exactly we’re celebrating today: 420 has become World Cannabis Day more or less by accident. It all started in the USA back in the seventies, with a thrilling tale of an illegal cannabis farm and a treasure map. A bunch of high school kids decided to go and find the ‘treasure’ together. They agreed to meet in secret at the local town square statue each day after school was out. Guess what their standard meeting time was? That’s right – 4:20 sharp. Convert that to a date for planning an international holiday, and hey, presto! Four twenty just became April 20. This is how a type of urban myth was created; eventually, it took root in the cannabis world and never went away. You can read more about this amusing history in this blog article. Spoiler alert: the kids never actually found their treasure…

That Extra Smile

Here at Boerejongens, our hands are tied by the corona crisis this year just like your own. Thankfully, you’ve all been quick to help us put the new safety measures in place. For that, we are grateful; please continue to helps us get through these weird times by spreading your coffeeshop visits whenever possible. It’s our way of preventing queues outside the shops, stopping risky situations from arising. We know: staying indoors sucks, especially in this lovely weather. Still the national measures appear to be working. If we stick to them and keep doing our part in flattening those curves, we may just have a bit of summer left to enjoy soon. Fact remains, today leaves us few party options. We just hope that extra smile at the counter will do for now.

Make no mistake, though: in spite of all the challenges, we still wish you lots of fun on ‘our’ international cannabis day here at Boerejongens. Maybe you can find digital solutions to hook up with your pals, or maybe you’re simply celebrating alone. Maybe you’re postponing until the end of summer. Whatever you do, enjoy today and remember: when push comes to shove, it’s still 4:20 twice every day!

Enjoy – Boerejongens Crew