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A Shoutout On International Nursing Day

You may not realize this, but today, May 12, is International Nursing Day. In any other year, we probably wouldn’t notice, but we may as well admit it: everything’s different this year. Even though they work hard all the time, we think our nurses deserve a bit of extra love and attention on this occasion.

Earning It

There’s no denying it: without our nurses, we would have been in serious trouble this spring. Overcrowded hospitals, impossible week schedules, putting your life on the line just to do your job… Sure, 2020 is abnormal for all of us. Still, if anyone has earned our respect this year, it’s definitely our nurses. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Florence Nightingale

To be fair, it hadn’t really occurred to us before, but International Nursing Day has been around since 1965. It all started with the legendary Florence Nightingale, the woman who founded nursing as a profession. She was known as The Lady With The Lamp, and back in the nineteenth century, she saved the lives of countless frontline soldiers. These days, we automatically assume we’ll get good care whenever we get sick. But that’s not how it used to be. In fact, it’s a bit like your Boerejongens experience. It’s easy to grow used to the quality and service you expect from us. That makes it easy to forget how shady and grimy things used to be when all you wanted was to smoke some weed…

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Nightingale In Bronze

Coffeeshops And Nursing?

So if you think the connection between nursing and coffeeshops is a bit far-fetched, you may be missing the point. Now, we don’t want to make bold claims about the average nurse’s craving for the occasional spliff or weed muffin. That’s not our style. What we do know, though, is that medicine and cannabis have been close friends for centuries. Just think about medicinal cannabis that has been so prominent in recent years. Or consider the number of people using CBD oil to keep their health in a natural balance. And that’s without mentioning all the ancient doctors, herbalists, and shamans that have worked with cannabis for ages. If anything, there seem to be plenty of reasons to emphasize the bonds shared between our professions.

Special Request For The Night Nurse

Now, obviously, our healthcare heroes are far too busy to pay us a visit, or to think about us at all. We understand. That’s why we’ve thought up our own way to let them know we’re thinking about them. You see, we’re not the only ones to appreciate our nurses’ unending care and dedication. Gregory Isaacs beat us to it – we give credit where it’s due. So here’s the plan. What if we all let that lovely classic Night Nurse blast from the speakers today? We’re sure our esteemed nurses know that we’re thinking of them!