All Coffeeshops Are Closed

Unfortunately all coffeeshops in Holland are closed due the COVID19 virus that affects us all.

Closed Coffeeshops

The Dutch government decided yesterday that all horeca had to close within 30 minutes. This was a very short period of time, so many of you didn’t get a true chance to make sure they get enough cannabis products stored for a possible upcoming total lockdown, as they had in Asia, Italy and now also Spain. Maybe our holland is next. The closing resulted in big long cues in front of every Dutch coffeeshop.

Uber Weeds is for now still not possible – Please Ignore street dealersĀ 

uber weeds


This virus seems to be may more heavy than just a heavier version of the flu. It is most important for us that you, our staff members, friends and families stay healthy and safe. If we keep up with the rules we hopefully can kill this horrible virus.

If you need cannabis for medical reasons, or you can’t sleep without smoking cannabis, please try Supmedi CBD tablets and/ or CBD oil. If you need more information about CBD, you can find it here on

Keep up with the COVID19 rules, stay home and help to kill this virus as soon as possible.


If there is any news or any possibility to re-open with take away option, we let you know through our social channels. Follow Boerejongens on Facebook to stay up to date!

Team Boerejongens Amsterdam

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