The New Autumn Spacecake at Boerejongens Coffeeshop

After the best and busiest summer we’ve ever had in Amsterdam at Boerejongens Coffeeshop (included the opening of our newest Coffeeshop location at Humberweg 2 – Amsterdam Sloterdijk) we had to do something cool for this (almost) autumn season. 

This summer we had many colorful Limited Edition Spacetry (spacecakes) like the delicious Summerfruit Tartlets, beautiful Raspberry Macaron XL and the sticky Pink Elderflower Cake.. Edibles have never been so good in Amsterdam.

We also created ‘The Most Expensive Spacecake In The World’ with Youtube Channel #FIRST and Bokoesam, Qucee and rapper Sjaak, that resulted in a €1500,- Spacecake, filled with over a 30 gram of gold leaf, Kopi Luwak Coffee en many more expensive and good ingredients. If you haven’t seen the video,  watch it here

As we all love the good things in life at Boerejongens HQ this motivates us always to find something new and exclusive for you and we are sure we found it for this autumn season!

Let us introduce you to our new Special Edition Spacetry (spacecake), handmade ‘ autumn art’ from marzipan and some extra additions and infused of course as we like it for the ultimate experience.

The Funky Mushroom (handmade)

The Crazy Chestnut (handmade)

Aren’t they beautiful?
The Special Editions are available from tomorrow at Boerejongens Coffeeshops together with all our other delicious new Spacetry creations.

Awareness: Please always read the information we hand you out carefully when purchasing a spacecake product. Cannabis infused edibles work out differently on your body than smoking a cannabis product.