Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam

Vegan Food Top 3 Amsterdam

Not eating animal products (anymore) is called a vegan lifestyle, or: you are ‘vegan’. Being vegan is more popular than ever: because of the many horrible documentaries and stories about our food, we are more aware of the associated animal cruelty.

We respect everyone’s choices and we are not going to debate if it’s healthy or not. But we do want to highlight the awesome (and delicious!) Vegan Hot Spots of Amsterdam. Vegan or not, these are the save places to eat delicious and healthy.

2. Vegan Junk Food Bar

This chain has quickly become a true vegan empire. The colorful bars and dishes directly became a big hit on Instagram and after winning the Vegan Awards in 2018, they were unstoppable. Even non-vegans want to pay a visit to this place, it looks just that good!

We like the ‘kapsalon’ with sweet potatoes and extra guacamole so much, it’s hard to believe it’s vegan and the ‘shoarma’ is not really shoarma! Do you like burgers? Then there’s plenty of choice for you too!

The Vegan Junk Food Bar is always crowded, but with four locations in Amsterdam, you will definitely find a seat. They’ve recently even opened a joint in Rotterdam. TOP: Try their CBD Juices!

2. The Meatless District
Also The Meatless District is a great place for a vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner… it’s all good here. Delicious rainbow wraps, fruit bowls, salads and plenty more. The restaurant is located on the Bilderdijkstraat, in the heart of Old West. Everything is fresh and homemade and you can taste that! It’s also nice to sit outside (if the weather allows) on their terrace. Prefer to order? Place an order with Uber Eats or Thuisbezorgd.

3. SLA
SLA has multiple joints in town which offer the ideal vegan lunch or even dinner. SLA is pure and the company started as a result of the desire for healthy food. They have fresh products to offer you, as well as a wide range of vegetables and healthy drinks. Choose your base, some toppings and a sauce (if you wish) and enjoy! The bowls are pretty big, so don’t hesitate to enjoy this healthy meal again in the evening!

Of course there are, besides these three hotspots, more great places where you can find delicious vegan food and other healthy meals and drinks. Amsterdam is the perfect city to explore and especially to see and taste! Enjoy!

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