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Boerejongens Open On Kingsday

There’s no escaping it: King’s Day 2020 is bound to be a lot less festive than the ones we are used to. The persistent trouble surrounding the coronavirus will be a serious party pooper on King Willem-Alexander’s birthday – we’re just going to have to roll with it. The parks will remain empty; the bars are still closed and Amsterdam will not be dressed in Orange this time around. Our only course of action is to simply deal with it.


Regardless of the damper on the festivities, all Boerejongens dispensaries are open like you’re used to. You can consider it a green alternative to that Orange buzz. We do apologize in advance for our outfits. No orange hats this year; our staff are still wearing their hygienic latex gloves for now. It’s all part of the game: safety first is still the way to go in Amsterdam, coffeeshops included. The Dutch are staying inside this King’s Day, so we’re keeping a low profile, too. That means we all still have to keep washing our hands, stay six feet apart, and maintain all existing safety measures in our establishments. It’s good to see you still cooperating on those – cheers for that! Keep it up, and we’ll be back on King’s Day 2021 to light up the city with those typical Orange Parties we hold so dear!

Avoid The Rush

If you just can’t stay indoors today, rest assured that our doors are wide open. Not for celebrations or a nice and long chat, mind you: we still can’t afford that until we get this virus under control. As we’ve asked before, please try to visit in the not-so-crowded hours if you can. Avoiding the rush hours means we’ll be able to help you faster, as well as preventing queues forming outside. Since everyone is forced to party at home this year, King’s Day could turn out to be a busy day for Boerejongens. Just a reminder, then: do try to come around before noon or after dinner. Come alone if you can, and if you’re not feeling well, please stay at home. Of course, you’re welcome to wear that orange outfit if you can’t resist the temptation…

Fitting atmosphere

Let’s be perfectly clear: we’re here for you all day long now that we have to skip the festivals today. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll just celebrate King Willie’s birthday in a fitting sober atmosphere this time – better luck next year!

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Better Luck Next Year!