Cannabis Sommelier Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Budtender Gets Promoted To Cannabis Sommelier!

Yesterday, there was cause for celebration at Boerejongens: one of our budtenders was promoted to the official rank of Cannabis Sommelier. Let’s face it: being part of the Boerejongens Team is no easy feat in the first place. Nonetheless, only the true cannabosses get to wear an exclusive Sommelier Badge as a cannabis medal of honour. We salute and congratulate our esteemed colleague Robert on this achievement!

Knowledgable coffeeshop staff at boerejongens

Ever dined at an extremely posh restaurant? If so, you’ve probably encountered the local sommelier. A sommelier is an expert: a professional adviser helping you choose which wines best match your taste and personality. If you’re not much of a wine person, that’s okay. At Boerejongens, you can bump into your very own Cannabis Sommelier. Since this week, our West dispensary has its very own Cannabis Sommelier personified by Robert, officially promoted to his new rank.

At Boerejongens, we have a reputation to uphold when it comes to knowledgeable staff. The budtenders in our coffeeshops are already famous for their expertise. In fact, helping customers make the best personal decisions at the counter is the essence of their job. That is why all Boerejongens employees are trained extensively before they get to wear their much-coveted white lab coats. Still, we’re always looking to improve that service just one step further. We want to be and remain a Michelin five-star coffeeshop. That’s why on very rare occasions, we promote one of our brightest crew members to Cannabis Sommelier. Since this week, we have a new one to bolster our ranks. There’s a very real chance you already know him, but for those who don’t, we proudly present Sommelier Robert!

A Lab Coat With A Shiny Cannabis Sommelier Badge

Yesterday, Robert became the first ever member of the Boerejongens West crew to decorate that fancy white coat with an even fancier, shiny Sommelier Badge. That just about makes him a three-star general when it comes to weed expertise and outstanding, friendly, professional customer service. Obviously, we felt a small ceremony was in place to mark the occasion. This celebratory blog post is our way to let you people know we are proud of Sommelier Robert. We also want to repeat our thanks for all the time and effort he invested in acquiring all that weed wisdom. If you’re a regular at Boerejongens West, you’ve probably had your personal cannabis experience improved by his insights and experience.

Boerejongens Cannabis expertise

You Don’t Just Become A Cannabis Sommelier

At Boerejongens, becoming a Cannabis Sommelier is no easy feat. To illustrate the point, Robert has been working with us for well over six years now. His telltale enthusiasm is always catchy, and he’s always prepared to learn something new. When you spend so much time at the cutting edge of the business, your cannabis knowledge just keeps growing exponentially. Of course, you’ll then have to share that knowledge with the people at the counter, but that comes naturally to this sommelier. That’s exactly why Robert has been training scores of new Boerejongens crew members here. Add a keen mind to the mix and some sincere love for our products and it’s clear to see. Not everyone has what it takes to become a Cannabis Sommelier, but we’re talking about more than just your ‘regular’ budtender here.

A Brand Apart

Now obviously, all the ladies and gentlemen behind the Boerejongens counters are a brand apart. That’s what you get when you’re playing in the Champions League of the Amsterdam cannabis scene. You can feel how that top level is appreciated. Ask any Boerejongens fan: they don’t come to us just for the exceptional quality of our wares. Having a dedicated pro behind the counter to help you decide simply adds that little something to your visit. And if a veteran like Robert knows you personally, with a keen sense of what you prefer, your coffeeshop visit suddenly feels as if you’re having a tailor-made suit sut to your size. You know you can’t go wrong when you’re catered by a genuine sommelier!

Budding Cannabis Sommeliers

We just want to make clear that we recongnise a budding Cannabis Sommelier in every single one of our team members. This promotion represents more than our appreciation of Robert’s hard work. We’re also encouraging his colleagues. If we have our way, you’ll see a shiny weed leaf badge on every white Boerejongens coat. As far as Sommelier Robert is concerned, we can be perfectly clear. We’re happy to have people like him working for us. We hope this sommelier will stick around for a long time, ready to share his passion, his dedication and his expertise with all our people and our customers. Robert: congrats!