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Cannabis In Movies: Our Top 7 Lockdown Tips

Can’t go to the cinema because of the lockdown? No worries – Boerejongens has you covered! We have a top selection of tips on cannabis in movies ready to fill your indoor evenings.

Weed and the global cannabis culture can easily make a plot more intriguing when they’re included in movies. Timeless classics where stoners have the most mind-blowing adventures can easily provoke a fit of the giggles. A drug cartel in country X or Y where a drug lord tries to get  rich by shipping cannabis? Action-packed narrative is guaranteed. Looking for lockdown entertainment? We’ve got your back! Just for you, we have listed some powerful examples of cannabis in movies. Useful for anyone confined to the screen during coronavirus lockdowns!

Cannabis In Movies: Comedy

Most cannabis movies are memorable classics that you have watched laughing, as comedy is the go-to category that many filmmakers venture into when cannabis appears in the shots. Cannabis is of course recognizable to many as a reason to have a laugh attack for no apparent reason. Anyway, we have listed some beautiful comedy movies. For sure, you will recognize one or two!

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Everyone knows Dude, Where’s My Car. If by some freak incident you are new to this movie, stop reading immediately and watch the movie before continuing. This stoner classic tells the story of Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester (Seann William Scott) who have forgotten where they left their car after a long long and blurry night out. The search for the car takes the dudes on a road trip filled with hilarious situations. A classic indeed; and an excellent kick-off of this article!

Pineapple Express

Slightly , but only slightly less silly than Dude, Where’s My Car is Pineapple Express. Stoner guru Seth Rogen plays the exhausted Dale Denton in Pineapple Express. After a visit to his dealer (James Franco as Saul Silver), he witnesses a brutal murder. In a panic response, he attracts so much attention that the murderers can’t help but notice him. Obviously, they try to take him out. What follows is a legendary film in which Dale and Saul are chased by the criminals and embark on a spectacular and comic adventure that will last forever.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Another iconic silver screen stoner duo on the list is Harold and Kumar. Created by the same people as Dude, Where’s My Car, Harold and Kumar’s story is about two losers that are barely noticed by society. In an ultimate attempt to put themselves on the radar, they decide to head to White Castle. The epic journey that ensues is jam-packed with diversions and detours. Most of these distractions are caused by weed, but this makes the trip to White Castle an epic journey that will never be forgotten.

Cannabis in Movies: Drama

If you’re not that into telltale stoner humor, the cannabis genre still has plenty of options for you. Do you prefer a solid film full of excitement and drama? Don’t panic, there is more than enough around! Here’s two quick suggestions of films that smoothly combine cannabis and drama. Both are absolutely worth taking an hour and a half of your life.


An action-infused drama that tells the story of two cannabis growers who run a peaceful and successful business while engaged in a polyamorous relationship with the beautiful Blake Lively. A drug cartel wants to take over their operation, but the growers have different ideas. Blake Lively is kidnapped to make them change their minds. What follows is an insanely exciting and intriguing rollercoaster ride to get her back.

Humboldt County

A disillusioned medical student finds himself in the midst of marijuana farmers in Humboldt County, California. Inadvertently, he ends up in the life of which he did not know the existence and there he gets to know the beautiful and ugly sides of the existence as a cannabis grower.This drama features Frances Conroy, Fairuza Balk, Jeremy Strong and Peter Bogdonovich.

Cannabis in Movies: Romance

Really pure romantic stories – the true tearjerker type – are difficult to find if you’re looking for a cannabis connection. But if you’re after a nice and easy romcom to absorb in a single sprint, you’re fine. There are plenty of them with a touch of cannabis in the script! We have listed two nice options for you, which together form an evening-filling program!

We’re the Millers

A wonderful sit-back-and-relax film which hosts quite the state of the art cast. For example, Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper (Rose), Jason Sudeikis (David) a small-time drug dealer, and David has to settle a debt with a drug baron supplying him with weed. Since David has no money to pay off the debt, he has to do a little job for his boss. He has to smuggle large batch of cannabis into America from across the Mexican border. To make it work, David comes up with a brilliant plan. Together with stripper Rose and two teenagers he manages to involve in his devious plan, he forms an alleged family. Together, they cross the border in a camper holiday trip cover-up. What could possibly go wrong?

True Romance

Any movie that is actually called “True Romance” is instantly headed for the romantic genre, obviously. Season the plot with a sprinkling of cannabis, and you’re all set for an evening’s worth of entertainment! This is an instant-classic follow-up to the legendary tale of Bonnie & Clyde. True Romance is a story about a criminal and a callgirl who get caught up in a fierce battle between the mob and the police. But as the pressure increases, the question remains: will True Romance between the story’s protagonists prevail?

There you go. No matter your favourite genre, you’re all set for a few hours of quality time spent on your couch or glued to your iPad. Whether you like cannabis or not really doesn’t matter where these weed-related blockbusters are concerned. You just sit back and enjoy the show – we’ll get you through a few nights of home confinement whatever your taste is!

Cannabis in Movies
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