What You Should Know Before You Eat Cannabis Infused Edibles in Amsterdam (Space Cake)

Beside smoking Cannabis, the edibles (space cake) are very populair in Amsterdam. Every coffeeshop has it’s own types and styles. From Rainbow cakes, regular chocolate brownies, oreo cupcakes to our own Michelin Star produced Spacetry line. Some producers even make other kinds of candy edibles, but that’s officially illegal in the Netherlands. It has to contain a certain type of ‘cake’ by law.
With the super tasty golden Honey Cake-Bar, the delicious Red Velvet, spACE Lavacake and much more limited editions, Boerejongens Coffeeshops can say ‘we have the most exclusive edibles you will find in Amsterdam’.

Get Yourself Informed

Eating Spacecake has a totally different effect compared to smoking cannabis.
The effect can be way more heavy than people expect and here in Amsterdam we see daily that some people are not well informed about these products.
At Boerejongens Coffeeshops we give every costumer a multi languaged information form from Amsterdam Genetics when they buy a Michelin star Spacecake product at our shops. Please read this carefully before you start eating. We know they are tasty like crazy, but don’t try to fullfill your munchies with these. In that case: please visit an ordinary bakery.

It takes time to reach the effect
At first it can take from one up to one and a half hour to reach the maximum effect. The effect will last 6 to 8 hours to before it wears off.
When you smoke cannabis a big part of the THC won’t be absorbed.
When eating cannabis, the effects can be very unpredictable and its harder to take the right dosage.
Your body digests the active substances in a total different way which causes a stronger and different effect.
Furthermore things like having eaten before consuming cannabis, having a slow or quick metabolism and your current mindstate have a big influence. If you have a slow metabolism, you might think you take ‘too less’, but this is exactly the point where you have to wait a little longer.
So, take it easy. Don’t eat to much at once and wait long enough before taking some extra. Combining with alcohol or other drugs can turn out badly and is not recommended!

What if you don’t like the effect?
We also advice to only use Spacecake at home for the first time: If you don’t like the effect, you can go to bed. After 6 to 8 hours the effect will be gone and you’re back to normal again

If you don’t like the effect:
* Breathe easily, nobody has ever died of cannabis ?
* Tell the people around you how you feel and make sure you go to a relaxed setting.
* Boost your blood sugar
* Stay hydrated
* Use good quality CBD to balance out the psychoactive effect of THC (Amsterdam Genetics oil or tablets: CBD site)

Spacetry is the best space cake range in town, sold at Boerejongens Coffeeshop, Coffeeshopamsterdam, Coffeeshop DNA and Tweede Kamer. When you purchase your favorite Spacetry edible, read the box carefully, as everything is explained on this amazing box!

The conclusion of this blogpost is: Cannabis infused edibles can be creative and give you a good laugh for a certain hours. But to avoid a bad trip on cannabis, Get Smart Before You Get High!

More information? Please stop by at :
Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam
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1012 TK Amsterdam

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