CBD & (Combat) Sports: A Winning Combination?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the best-known non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis plants. More and more people are discovering the many benefits of this natural supplement, which doesn’t get you high or stoned, but has a lot of positive effects to offer instead. These days, CBD has become a very real presence on global health and wellbeing markets. Slowly but surely, it is also conquering the world of sports! Trainers and athletes are discovering the advantages that CBD can offer when it comes to performance and recovering from inflammations and other injuries.


Meanwhile, scientific research into the workings of CBD is making slow progress, since medical studies tend to take a lot of time. Although it is still technically too early to make bold medical claims, the many benefits that CBD can offer for an unbalanced body are hard to refute. The true pioneers are still some way ahead of the established pharmaceutical industry. We understand why they have to be cautious, but fortunately, we know better by now, with prime quality CBD available for anyone – and that includes top athletes.

Gegard Mousasi – MMA Fighter

Former UFC MMA champion and current Bellator champion (no worries – we’ll have that belt back soon enough…) Gegard Mousasi is familiar with SupMedi CBD, as is his coach, Bert Kops of the famous Amterdam ‘Kops Gym’.
“CBD does wonders for me as a martial artist; it helps relieve aches and it boosts my energy”, Gegard Mousasi (Bellator Mixed Martial Arts) says.

Coach Bert Kops from Kops Gym Amsterdam is a true wrestling veteran, and so for him, the years are starting to weigh in. Years of intense wrestling cause him to feel stiff muscles in the morning, as well as regular aches in his knees. For him, CBD means more flexible muscles and less pain overall, which is a very real improvement for his daily life. It just goes to show that the practitioners are ahead of science when it comes to the effects of CBD: Mousasi and his coach have moved way beyond the experimental stages.

MMA Champion Gegard Mousasi  about Supmedi CBD

 Bert Kops About Supmedi CBD:


The love-affair between top sports and CBD is blossoming, and it’s not just happening in the Netherlands either. When US MMA legend Nate Diaz was seen bringing a CBD Vape to a press conference, the world of martial arts became aware of the potential benefits this product could offer top athletes. We have come along way since that day, because the world-leading martial arts organisation UFC has signed an eight-year deal with a major Canadian cannabis brand. By this move, the cannabis trade joins forces with the world of sports, in a large-scale study focussing on martial artists experiencing the advantages CBD brings to their performance and recovery. It’s great to see that our colleagues in CBD pioneering are willing to face the ring with the same brave spirit as their fellow MMA fighters: a big step in the right direction!


Athletes Are Lining Up

This ground-breaking study is watched with great interest by the rest of the international sports community, because athletes across all disciplines are lining up to start trying CBD for themselves. The NFL is one of several organisations considering their options, but many players are still worried about running into trouble at doping checks. The problem they see has everything to do with the pureness of their CBD, because traces of THC in their products could get them disqualified. Fortunately, serious and highly professional organisations such as SupMedi do everything they can to ensure their CBD products are as pure as possible using careful production methods and strict laboratory testing.

Are You a Mixed Martial Artist Or Other Athlete Yourself?

To be sure, the world of mixed martial arts is an environment where gruelling practice routines and tough matches can be pretty taxing for your health and condition. Although that’s definitely true for the champions you see fighting in UFC matches, MMA and other full-contact martial arts are incredibly popular among amateurs too. If you are into (kick-) boxing, wrestling, karate, or some other martial art yourself, you mat be interested in trying CBD for yourself. The same is true for all athletic disciplines, of course, whether you passion is running, horseriding, cycling, football, or a crossfit workout. We can’t blame you, because the ultimate test is to experience the benefits of CBD for yourself. If you plan to do just that, the most important thing is to get a high-quality brand, because after all, this is your own body’s health you’re dealing with.

Find The Best Quality

If you want to personally experience what CBD can do for your athletic performance and injury recovery, you’ll have to find the best quality just like the top athletes do. Sadly, there’s still a lot of quackery and amateurism out there, because anyone can just start their own CBD brand without any standard tests, directives or best practices being enforced. Make sure to choose CBD of a respected brand that is serious about product quality, with CBD that is actually tested at proxy labs. It;s your only way to be sure you get the real deal. Many inferior brands add up CBD and CBD-a in their overall CBD percentages, for example, even though CBD-a is an acid that is not used by the human body. Be sure to pay attention to this, because you may think you’re getting certain levels of CBD even though you’re actually getting less, which will lessen the expected results without you knowing it.


As UFC fighters are discovering the potential benefits CBD has for their athletic lives, more and more amateur athletes like you and me are finding out what this natural supplement can do for us. Feel free to try it for yourself, but always make sure that you choose a top=level CBD product. Only enterprises such as SupMedi are willing to submit their CBD to strict laboratory testing, because we are confident about our experience and the quality we provide. Just like UFC fighters, we know that working on your health is not simply a game you play, and so we take sports and CBD seriously – just like you should!

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