CBD Weed in Amsterdam

A Different Breed Of Weed: Amsterdam Genetics CBD Strains

These days, everybody and their cat knows about smoking cannabis and getting high as the intended result. Still, there are other reasons for lighting up a spliff that are less familiar to many people. One of the most important reasons to smoke weed without trying to get stoned is the cannabinoid substance CBD, or cannabidiol. This natural compound is found in every cannabis variant around the world, but some strains are much higher in CBD content than others. Over the past decades, growers have been working hard to pump up the THC levels in their plants, since THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main compound to get smokers high. This cultivation approach led to reduced CBD levels as an unintended side-effect. Today, however, as ever more people start to appreciate the physical and mental benefits of CBD, the tables are turning. High time for a bit of practical information then – let’s get stuck in.

The potential of CBD

Over the past decade or so, worldwide attention to the potential of CBD has surged. All over the world, research groups are working hard to identify the medical and psychological benefits many people claim to experience by using CBD. Although progress is always slow in pharmacological studies, we are steadily discovering how CBD can be used to treat a huge range of symptoms, from anxiety and depression to epilepsy and sleeping disorders. Studies have proven that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, an important part of our own nervous system. Although CBD is not psychoactive (no psychological high, that is), it affects the way our body regulates its balance in many subtle ways.

Nature’s secret revealed

A lot of people with pressing medical problems have decided not to wait for definitive and rock-solid proof. They know that CBD works for them, and they just can’t afford to wait until science proves what nature has already shown. Most of them use CBD in the form of CBD oil, although other means such as CBD capsules are becoming more popular, too. The race is on to find cannabis strains that contain enough CBD to process into these derivative products. Still, CBD can also do its job when used in the traditional way; by smoking it in the same manner you would roll a joint to get high. The big difference is the type of weed (or hash) used.

Increasingly popular CBD strains

Slowly but surely, high quality strains of CBD-rich cannabis are becoming more popular, especially when they contain only small amounts of THC. People want to smoke a joint to treat their symptoms, without getting high as a kite in the process. If you are tempted to give CBD cannabis smoking a try, then you’ve come to the right place, because Amsterdam Genetics is on top of the CBD game, with the same towering quality levels you’ve come to love in our THC-rich plants. This is your chance to sample the best CBD weed in Amsterdam, which is almost the same as calling it the finest CBD weed in the world.

CBD: Cultivated Boerejongens Delight – Best CBD Weed In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Genetics are a team of expert cultivators, developing world-renowned cannabis strains with over 25 years of experience at the highest level. Anyone who has visited a Boerejongens coffeeshop in Amsterdam will recognise the exceptional quality of their weed and hash products, although most clients come in to buy their more THC-focused strains. Still, the CBD strains produced by Amsterdam Genetics set a new benchmark for the whole industry when it comes to wonderful quality and spectacular levels of cannabidiol, just like the THC strains have done before. We suggest anyone interested to give these menu options a serious try. Have you tried the aptly named Master CBD Cookie Kush? This little beauty carries 5.7% CBD compared to just 2.4% THC, making for a very light buzz and a ton of CBD weed goodness. Another fine example is Green Magic CBD, which is even more concentrated at a whopping 9.1% CBD and 2.7% THC. As you can see, anyone interested in the very best CBD weed Amsterdam can offer knows exactly where to go: you’re always welcome at any of the Boerejongens coffeeshops, including our brand new Flagship Store at Humberweg 2 near Sloterdijk train station. Do pop by and savour the absolute pinnacle of prime CBD weed to get your own proof of the pot pudding!

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