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Coffeeshop Corporate Social Responsibility

Boerejongens likes to approach things a little differently than other parties do. We distinguish ourselves from the competition in many different ways, but we always do so to make a positive difference. We try to take some responsibility for our surroundings. In posh government jargon, that’s called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We prefer calling it ‘a bit of common decency’ ourselves. No matter how you call it, though, we’re sure a few examples will illustrate our point.

The Neighbourhood Hosts

When you think of Boerejongens, the image of the Bowler Hat Man is likely to come to mind. These Neighbourhood Hosts, as they’re officially known, may trigger associations with security personnel, trying to make sure things run smoothly and in proper order. You’re partly right on that, but these guys do so much more than just keeping everyone safe. Have you ever seen one walking around with a bin liner? That’s because they’re clearing up litter, making sure the neighbourhood stays clean. Notice them having a relaxed chat with one of the neighbours? That’s how they maintain warm and personal ties to the local community. If there’s anything going on in the street, chances are they’ll know about it before Mrs. Jones on the corner does.

If you ask us, it’s really quite simple. Corporate Social Responsibility means very little as long as you do it from behind a desk or on paper. We’d rather take responsibility for a pleasant social atmosphere in the street ourselves. Hands on. We just roll up our sleeves – even if those sleeves are part of a three-piece suit.


Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen Boerejongens

Green Weed Baggies

Have you ever noticed how the weed baggies at Boerejongens are subtly different from the ones you see lying around the streets everywhere? Well spotted! They say the devil is in the details, but if you ask us, all the little details add up to improve the bigger picture. Our bags are made of special material, which is organically degradable to reduce our environmental impact. It’s how we make a difference one gram of cannabis at a time: to the neighbourhood, but also to society as a whole. The same mindset made us ‘adopt’ a number of litter bins around the block. Small changes can make a difference. It’s just another example of that Corporate Social Responsibility.

A Green Roof For The Hood

Right next to Boerejongens West, at Baarsjesweg is an old storage building. It’s presently used by the local table tennis club, but in summer, the place is like an oven. Its roof is a flat surface, so when the sun shines on it, it heats up the whole building in no time. It’s not just an oven to its users: nextdoor neighbours often get the feeling of sharing a hot plate grill together, only without the food. That’s why they’re glad someone came up with a solution: installing a moss roof on top of the building. Flat sunlit surfaces covered in moss and other vegetation seriously insulate the whole structure. That’s perfect for anyone who hates the sound of ping pong balls. Although we’re big fans of table tennis ourselves, we love the plan for other reasons.


Green social responsibility Boerejongens
We Don’t Mind Adding Some Quality Green To The Hood…

A Bit Of Common Decency

The moss roof is a real asset for the neighbourhood as it blocks excessive heating by the sun. Moreover, it works as a buffer against excess rainwater after downpours. Increasingly heavy rainfall threatens to overburden the city’s sewage system. Moss and plants trap some of the water, acting as a buffer for a more gradual release. Moreover, it’s a nice bit of extra greenery for Amsterdam: useful for local insects as well as for the citywide ecosystem. The initiative has broad support around the neighbourhood, and the city authorities are chipping in as well. Our friends at SupMedi (the CBD supplement people) decided to contribute as well. Out of love for the place where our roots lie, of course, but also from that social responsibility perspective. It’s that bit of common decency, only green, so to speak.

Coffeeshop Social Responsibility

Yes, we know: as a coffeeshop, you don’t start out with the best reputation a business can hope for. People usually have their preconceived notions, so you start out 0-1 behind. Boerejongens manages to turn that position into a draw, however, and from there on we turn 0-1 behind into coffeeshop 2.0. All of the above adds to the equation of course, but here, CSO is not just Corporate; it’s Coffeeshop Social Responsibility, too. We train all of our budtenders extensively to make sure all tourists and local customers get the information they need. Sure, that includes detailed info about the strains we sell, but it also covers the best ways to responsibly enjoy your spliff or your edibles.

We’re not simply trying to make everyone smoke as much as possible: we find quality cannabis experiences more important than quantity. That’s exactly why you’ll find the Coffeeshop Info Centre right in the heart of town. Here, everyone is free to ask any question about responsible use of cannabis. Their motto? Get Smart Before You Get High. We’ve been distinguishing ourselves in terms of quality for many years. That quality goes well beyond the finest weed and hash, though. It also involves the very best service: honest and professional. True quality is just like true responsibility: it’s made of a whole lot of little things that matter.

responsible cannabis use education

Little Things

Taken together, all those little things can make a big difference. We’ll be the first to admit that we’re no saints, but we do like to do our share to create an environment where everyone feels good: our customers, our neighbours, and we ourselves as well. That’s why this post is a little shoutout to you as a Boerejongens fan, too. You’re helping us run our business in a decent and responsible way. Maybe you didn’t realise it, but you’re being pretty Socially Responsible yourself. Cheers for that – on behalf of the neighbours as well!