Cannabis Amsterdam - Canada

Coffeeshops Open Again

Due the many street dealers and the massive group of people that were trying to buy some cannabis in the last 30 minutes on last sunday where they announced just 30 minutes in advance that all horeca, included coffeeshops, should close. Our government decided that Coffeeshops in Holland can be reopened.

Take Away

Coffeeshops can now sell cannabis as a take away shop. This makes cannabis sales still possible for eveybody. People that use it for pain relief are still able to buy, people that use it to relax are probably also VERY happy that it will be available for them in this stressful time during this COVID19, that is obvious a VERY serious thing for our health.

The Dutch government will keep us updated with any news, our prime minister Mark Rutte spoke to the whole country today with the new rules and opportunities for entrepreneurs to keep our economic system alive….

Please keep up with the rules, listen to our hosts in case of lineups in front of the shops.

  • Don’t visit our coffeeshop when you don’t feel well. Please ask somebody else to buy you some cannabis.
  • Keep distance for at least 1,5 meters
  • Max. 4 to 5 people per shop
  • If you can’t pay by card, pease place the money on the counter
  • Wash your hands before and after shopping
  • Change and wash your clothes
  • Boerejongens Coffeeshop BIJ