Boerejongens Coffeeshops,
part of our local community

Boerejongens Coffeeshops are really part of the local community. We help contribute to a better local neighbourhood by means of De Buurtgastheren.

De Buurtgastheren protect the social cohesion and safety around our shops. They also help add to the social spirit of the community.

De Buurtgastheren help, correct and check (ID 18+). They give you a friendly welcome and always strife to cohesion and harmony. This way a good ambiance is achieved for everyone.

De Buurtgastheren

As part of our working partnership with De Buurtgastheren we try to provide help where we can to the local neighbourhood.

If one of our neighbours need help with her groceries? Then we’ll collect them. Cleaning the porch for the neighbour? No problem! Need to borrow a bicycle pump? We’ve got one for you.

The Boerejongens has also adopted 8 of the underground garbage containers from the municipality Amsterdam, which are cared for greatly each day.

De Baarsjes

De Baarsjes is developing excellently as a local community. Along the entire Baarsjesweg more and more companies are starting to settle. Over the last year the Baarsjes has changed beyond recognition. The zoning plan means the entire Baarsjesweg is open to new retail and catering businesses. This is helping to contribute to a lively Baarsjesweg.