Festival Season in Amsterdam!

The festival season in Amsterdam is the best time of the year! We made a selection with some of the best options especially for you.

Mystic Garden festival

A paradise where time does not exists. Discover the magic in this enchanted place. That’s how they describe the festival on their website. You may need a piece of space cake first to really experience it that way, but the festival does have a great atmosphere. Another great thing: it’s not expensive!

Date: 15-06
Price: €15,-
Location: Sloterpark


Maybe not a real festival since it’s every Sunday during the summer, but it still has that festival vibe. A great way to end your weekend and celebrate the summer with friends. Plenty of room to have fun with in- and outdoor areas.

Date: every Sunday
Price: €21,50
Location: Contactweg 68

De Parade

The perfect festival for you if you love art, music and theatre. Just like other years there will be many different acts that you can see. You can look at performances, dance acts. mime acts and live music. The best thing about ‘De Parade’ is the amazing and friendly atmosphere. Another great thing is that you only buy tickets for the acts that you like to see.

Date: 09-08 till 25-08
Price: starting at €3,50
Location: Martin Luther King Park

Dekmantel Festival 2019

The perfect festival for a mini-holiday! This event starts on Wednesday and will end on Sunday. Dekmantel is the perfect festival for techno lovers, but there is also live music. Whether you’re searching for EBM or jazz fusion, you’ll find only the best on offer.

Date: 31-07 till 04:08
Price: €180,-
Location: Amsterdamse Bos

Milkshake festival

This festival is for all who love. Their message is clear: love and respect everyone. Expect sparkling stages, colorful decorations, unicorns and a lot of love. People do not necessary go to this festival at the Westerpark for the line-up. It’s the atmosphere.

Date: 27-07 & 28-07
Price: €47,50
Location: Westerpark

STRAFWERK festival

It’s the 7th time that this festival takes place in Amsterdam. Dance all day and have fun with your friends at this house music festival. The line up is sick! Not only the music is a reason to visit the festival. The location will give you real summer vibes as it takes place at the beach.

Date: 17-08
Price: €45,-
Location: N-1 Park