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Cannabis Strains With High CBD Levels

For a long time, recreational users and growers mainly aimed for cannabis strains with a high THC content. These days, however, the demand for cannabis strains in which cannabidiol (CBD) represents a higher content is increasing. Today, in this article, we will list some potentia benegits associated with CBD and name a number of cannabis strains that are known for their high CBD levels. We also look at what effects cannabis strains with high THC content seem to have, with specific attention for the trend that is visible among recreational users.

Cannabis And THC

Cannabis is traditionally known for its use with the aim of getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. The active substance in cannabis that generates this effect is THC. It is therefore not surprising that growers of cannabis plants have spent years in the production process looking for crossbreeds designed to maximize the amount of THC in a plant.

Nevertheless, it seems that another active compound from the cannabis plant is slowly gaining ground over the substance THC. Like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid produced naturally by the plant itself.

Cannabis plants produce CBD and THC
Cannabis Contains CBD And THC Naturally.

Cannabis And CBD

Let’s start by sstressing that an enormous amount of research still remains to be done on CBD. The majority of studies into its long- and short-term effects have not yet been completed. So as of yet, there is still little hard evidence for the effects. Nonetheless, there is a trend in which ever more cannabis users are taking a step towards CBD-rich cannabis.

One of the suspected characteristics of CBD is that it acts as a relaxant against anxiety or stress. Another possible effect is that it works as a pain reliever or to repair (sports) injuries. This accounts for the notable increase in the number of athletes who use CBD.

What Is A High CBD Level?

When talking about high levels in a cannabis strain, it is important to realize that the level of THC and the level of CBD are really two different figures. For example, it is very common to find THC levels ranging between 12 and 25 percent in cannabis, thanks in part to the energy that has been put into maximizing the THC content. We speak of a high THC content when a strain contains more than 20 percent THC.

This is different for CBD. As soon as a strain containing 4 percent (or more) of CBD content is found, we speak of a high CBD content. There have already been varieties with more than 20% CBD, but the development of CBD is still somewhat lagging behind compared to that of THC.

Cannabis Strains With High CBD Levels

We now take a closer look at a number of cannabis strains, which are known for their high CBD levels. It is important to realize that this article is purely informative and should be read in this light.


Candida has been specially developed for a maximum CBD level. This makes the THC content extremely low, making Candida ideal for users who are looking for an impressive CBD content compared to THC levels. The CBD content in this strain is around 20 percent, the THC content less than 1%. Candida owes its origin to a cross between Harlequin and ACDC, originally two CBD-rich cannabis strains.


The second cannabis strain in this list is Sweet Pure CBD. The fact that the term CBD is already incorporated in the name, of course, says something. A lot of energy has been put into growing Sweet Pure CBD and this results in a CBD content ranging between 8 and 15 percent. The THC level – as with Candida – is very low and fluctuates between 0.4 and 1 percent.


Fast Eddy is a hybrid cannabis strain that focuses on a relatively even distribution between THC and CBD levels. As a result, the chance of a psychoactive effect remains. Fast Eddy is characterized by having a CBD and THC content of around 9%. The plant owes its origin from a cross between Cheese Juanita La Lagrimosa and ruderalis.


Another interesting option for anyone looking for a CBD-rich cannabis strain is CBD Fix Auto. As the name suggests, it is an autoflowering plant and provides a CBD content between 7 and 15%. Like the first two plants, CBD Fix Auto represents a particularly low THC content of less than 1%. The plant was created from a cross of Northern Lights Auto and a CBD-rich phenotype.


In the “last but not least” category, we end up with Dinamed CBD. This plant produces between 10 and 14% CBD and has a counterpart of only 0.5% THC. The plant originated from a cross of two PURE CBD 4 phenotypes and takes about 8 weeks to fully grow into a harvest.