High Society | The Cannabis Café on Channel4 (UK)

Cannabis use on British TV, how unique is that? British biggest tv network Channel4 broadcasts this brand new  two-part TV documentary  called ‘High Society: The Cannabis Café’ on September 3rd and september 10th. A must watch


The Cannabis Café is the location for Brits that have a certain relationship with each other. From curious rookies, a woman with a chronic illness to a pair of ex-drug squad colleagues with opposing views on cannabis legalisation. The TV show is produced by Tuesday’s Child and we expect the show to be a huge success. Cannabis on TV is a huge step in British Television history!

Coffeeshopamsterdam Café


Cannabis is not legal in the UK, so the producers had to film their new series in Amsterdam where cannabis is allowed to sell in the licenced coffeeshops. The producers contacted Amsterdam Genetics for some options for the new series and the chosen location was Coffeeshopamsterdam Café that is part of Coffeeshopamsterdam that is located just a few meters away from eachother. Coffeeshopamsterdam Café is not allowed to sell any weed, hash or space cake, but on this location it’s allowed to consume your cannabis products ánd you can buy drinks and snacks here. From Lot61 Coffee till the best smoking cocktails in town. Want a CBD Edible of CBD Hot Chocolate? No problem! We heard they might come up with a full CBD menu wherefore they partnered up with SupMedi CBD. 

Channel4 – High Society | The Cannabis Cafe (more information)