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New Coffeeshop Rules During COVID9!

New Safety Rules For Boerejongens

Anyone visiting one of the Boerejongens coffeeshops in Amsterdam will notice the latest changes in the stores. We’ve been thinking and working hard to keep up with the new national coronavirus safety measures. We just want to make sure you keep buying Amsterdam’s finest cannabis in the most responsible way possible. Time for a little online tour of the measures in place at our dispensaries across town.

Spread The News; Not The Virus

The new rules in effect this week are pretty extensive, even though we’re not in ‘full lockdown’ – yet. Still, we are all expected to stay at home whenever we can, and to stay at least 1.5 metres (about 5 feet)  apart. Our mayor now has special powers to prevent assemblies of more than 3 people anywhere in Amsterdam. She can designate certain areas where failure to comply results in serious fines of up to 400 euros. We are all expected to work together on this, as we are sure you will. Even so, we could be facing shutdowns for coffeeshops if we don’t behave in and around the Boerejongens venues. So please: spread the news; not the virus!

Extra Coffeeshop Measures

We already had all sorts of precautions in place for your safety and that of our people. In the Boerejongens dispensaries, you’ll notice screens to shield our staff at the counter. We also allow a limited number of people inside at once. Everyone has to keep a 1.5-metre distance in the shops. We ask you to pay with cards if at all possible. If cash really is your only option, please place the money on the counter and pick up any change yourself. The Boerejongens crew wear gloves and replace them even more frequently. Nonetheless, any contact that we can avoid is a positive contribution.

Boerejongens coffeeshop staff working behind protective screens for safety.
Extra Screentime For Our Budtenders.

Even Happier With Our Hosts

As happy as we already were with our friendly and professional hosts, we need them even more than before right now. Our bowler hat-wearing gentlemen ensure that everything proceeds along neat and orderly lines. Their job has obviously become a lot more stressful lately. Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions of the host at all times. Yes, we know you already did that, but we’re mentioning it anyway. Show them a little more appreciation in these tough times, but do keep that 1.5-metre distance – you can give them that big hug as soon as this crisis has passed.

Friendly hosts ensure orderly and responsible conduct around Boerejongens Coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Always Listen To Our Hosts!

Let’s Make Amsterdam Proud

Let’s set a good example for Amsterdam as a cannabis community. Keep your distance and always wash your hands: before visiting a coffeeshop and after. Don’t hang around in groups around the shops, and follow our instructions and those of the authorities. Sharing joints is off-limits, so have everyone roll their own and wait until you get home before you do. We’d almost forget the most important rule, so here it is again. STAY HOME IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS! Don’t visit a coffeeshop either if someone at home is showing symptoms: a simple cold or a cough is enough. If we follow the rules together, this nasty situation will soon be a thing of the past. The world was already proud of our Amsterdam coffeeshops. Let’s do something in return by making Amsterdam proud of its cannabis community!