Spacetry – The Chocoblock Bar

If you didn’t know: WE LOVE FOOD. GOOD FOOD.
With the Amsterdam Genetics Spacetry we take THC infused edibles to a literally higher level!

The Chocoblock Bar – ‘Space Cake’

Most of you already knew our Chocoblock Bar. And.. it was quite heavy!  At our tasting session we decided to create a new Chocoblock, with spongy cake inside. we have to say we’ve beaten our own asses again. The results are again tasty like crazy and it’a a bit harder to just eat one…

The new Chocoblock Bar  is from now available in every Boerejongens Coffeeshop location. It comes in a handy fancy box, sealed by Amsterdam Genetics!

Please always read the instructions on the Spacetry Box before you eat cannabis (thc) infused edibles!