NEW: The Weezy by Amsterdam Genetics

Smoke the best weed and hashish pure in the easiest way possible: The Weezy has it all! A stylish aluminum, easy refillable, smoking pipe, with active carbo filter that you just light up as a normal joint! We definitely LOVE this new product at Boerejongens HQ.

The Weezy was firstly introduced at Cannabis liberation Day 2018, with huge success and amazing response from those who tried The Weezy. The taste of your weed or (block) hash is at it’s best, as there is no tobacco needed. We all love to smoke a little healthier nowadays, wich makes this new product a must-have for the Boerejongens Smoker.

Pre-Filled Jack-pods

The Jack-Pod is the chamber that you put in The Weezy. The Weezy it self has a refillable Jack-pod, but you can also get a package of 10 Jack-Pods that you can prepare at home, so you can restore your Weezy with your favorite hash or weed at anytime.

We are the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam that sells The Weezy and pre-filled Jack-Pods. At Boerejongens Coffeeshops you can get Amnesia Haze pre-filled, per five Jack-pods. Each chamber contains 0,2 grams and after a few puffs you can turn the chamber the other way around and take some more puffs.

Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam

If you’re looking for full package deals of The Weezy: the coolest smoking pipe in town, please visit Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam. This shop is the information point for the international smokers and beside getting free information, you’ll find here the full Amsterdam Genetics product range (seeds, smoke gear), the best CBD Supplements by Supmedi, coffeeshop merchandise, CBD Edibles and Storz & Bickel Vaporizers!

Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 10
1012 TK Amsterdam
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