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Responsible Smoking: Cannabis And Hygiene Going Viral

Have recent developments and endless news on the coronavirus crisis made you feel powerless and anxious? Have working from home or school closures made life seem a mostly passive affair, just waiting for things to get better? We know what you mean: we’re going through all of this together. As we all try to adjust to the general weirdness of the world today, we’re trying to help you get to grips with life in viral times. In this article, we discuss social hygiene for cannabis lovers. Responsible smoking (or vaping) is one way to help keep those around us safe.

Puff, Puff, Puff – But Don’t Pass?

There is an etiquette to the practice of smoking weed. We all know the ritual of ‘puff, puff, pass’. If you smoke most of that delicious joint by yourself before handing it on to your neighbour – passing the Dutchy to the left ‘and side – you’re breaking an important rule. Sharing is caring in cannabis circles; or at least, it was up until about a week ago. These days, everyone seems afraid to share anything. Social distancing and keeping to ourselves appear to be the new normal. We’re not supposed to touch our faces, especially the mouth: tricky business when you’re sharing a spliff. Passing that joint could mean passing the virus. Puff, puff, and puff – don’t pass – feels wrong and right at the same time. When even smoking a relaxing joint with friends seems off limits, you know we’re in trouble. Lets see what we can do to keep our precious cannabis culture social.

Getting Your Paperwork Done

At Boerejongens, we are big fans of sharing our joints with friends. It builds a sense of togetherness, and it’s part of the etiquette surrounding weed. It just feels right. Today, however, we feel that caring for our friends is expressed by not sharing – at least, not passing along that single joint in our circle. We think there’s a simple solution: get your paperwork done. You can still smoke together; you just need to roll two or three slim joints where you would have rolled one big fatty a month ago. It’s a lot more hygienic to share out a piece of your fresh green bud and have everyone roll a slim spliff of their own. Now, you can all stay 1.5 metres apart and still share your cannabis experience. Next time you visit your coffeeshop, get an extra pack of rolling papers and filter tips. We have whole boxes of our unbleached slim papers waiting for you online. They’re designed to roll thinner joints, so using them is the obvious choice. Just make sure to wash your hands before sharing out papers and buds, and you’re all set for a virus-free smoking session.

Have A Digital Four-Twenty

If you want to be absolutely 100% safe, or if you live far apart from your regular friends, then how about a digital 420? When everybody and their dog is staying at home, enjoying a few puffs together can be tricky. Here’s what you do to tackle this issue. Just make an appointment for an online get-together and start rolling up. Synchronise your watches for your online four-twenty moment and get that internet connection going. You can use any platform, including Facetime, Skype and other live video sharing platforms. This is smoking 2.0 people: a one hundred percent social high with zero chances of spreading any virus. Well except computer viruses perhaps, but you should get that antivirus software running anyway.

Let’s Stay In Touch

To be sure, the social aspect of enjoying weed is one of the best parts of cannabis culture. Let’s not allow it to go to waste, even if we need to spend some time apart. We’ll return to ‘puff, puff, pass’ before you know it. All we need to do is share responsibility for each other’s health – we’ll be sharing joints again soon enough if we do!