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Should I Stash For A Potential Lockdown?

It’s a fact: the coronavirus crisis calls for drastic measures. Following a growing list of other countries, the Netherlands can’t afford to lag behind. For now, all the Amsterdam coffeeshops are still open. That situation could change at any moment, though, if our government decides to scale up affairs. Are you worried about a potential lockdown? Do you wonder how you’ll secure your supply if things get worse?

We have taken some additional measures to make sure everyone can visit our coffeeshops responsibly. Please keep these in mind and do stay home if you are having symptoms yourself. That’s how we look out for one another in the Amsterdam’s greenest community!

We’re Here For You

So for now, all of our coffeeshops are open for business. The Boerejongens team is here for you as long as we can and as long as we’re allowed to.  If you need advice on strains for these strange times, please ask away. In you feel stressed, for example, high CBD content for a soothing effect can be a real helper.

Homeboys And Girls

In this unpredictable situation, you just can’t rely on anything; not even on our excellent service if worst comes to worst. That is why many people start growing their own cannabis now that you can just sense a new spring in the air. In Holland, cannabis growing is not allowed, but as you may need cannabis for medical reasons this could be an option for some of you. We do advise to buy your cannabis products in a coffeeshop, as long as it is possible. Feel free to ask your doctor for more information about medical cannabis options.

Growing cannabis home

How Much Do You Need For Your Crisis Stash?

Think about what you’ll need and íf you need it. Suppose the shops need to close for four weeks: what is your daily need, and how much would you need in total? Will it be enough even if you have to spend all day sitting indoors? Keep in mind that you can only buy five grams per visit. That’s also the maximum that police will allow you to carry, so pay attention. Incidentally, all our staff have perfect eidetic memory: simply buying five grams and walking back in for another go is not going to work! Most people spread their purchases over a few days to prevent a fuss.

Boerejongens Coffeeshop Sloterdijk Schiphol
Coffeeshop Sloterdijk #COVID19 Safety Screens
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Our coffeeshops are open, please listen to our hosts and staff members following the special rules this COVID19 period.


Also remember to get enough rolling papers, filter tips, and other supplies. Find an airtight, cool, dry and dark place to store your stash. Proper storage is the key to lasting freshness, so it really pays off to give that some thought.. Do you have any other questions? Bring them along as you visit the shop and we’ll help you along. Do you have any possible corona symptoms? Then by all means, stay at home and have someone else pick up your green groceries. Are you still perfectly fit? Then we suggest you start making your way over here, because we have your fresh stash here waiting for you! Get your smokers gear here on

All coffeeshops have special COVID19 rules, please be responsible towards our staff, to yourself, and to everyone around you!

rolling a joint
Rolling up in a coffeeshop is not allowed – Just takeaway #covid19