boerejongens sinterklaas

Sinterklaas At Boerejongens

In a superunusual year like this, it’s reassuring to add some typical festive cheer to the cold December days. That’s why a typical Boerejongens Sinterklaas surprise came just at the right moment – especially when accompanied by a traditional two-page Sinterklaas poem full of compliments for your hard work. In full rhyme, obviously, as custom dictates. Although the original words of Saint Nicholas were in Dutch, we thought we’d share a brief English translation with you just for good measure…

The Boerejongens Sinterklaas Poem

Dear Boerejongens Farmer Boys & Girls


As I ride the Amsterdam streets once again

I find them empty of women and men

This desolate vibe is surely due

To the curious year that we’ve been through

Corona made us cover our mouth and nose

And coffeeshops nearly had to close

That would have ruined my birthday for sure

Because I like to keep my presents pure

So I can treat all the people to something nice

With a bit of Boerejongens sugar and spice

Whenever I visit (I’ve done this before)

My ship drops anchor at Boerejongens’ door

For some nice green herbs that I can share

With weed enthusiasts everywhere

This time though, it just wasn’t the same

The virus had changed the entire game

I had to wait in line outside

But through the windows, you couldn’t hide

How your hard work fogged the protective screens

While you sold all of those marvellous greens

Social distancing was well-observed

Yet the customers were not a bit unnerved

I found that, upon closer inspection

You got a difficult job done to perfection!

I take my red hat off to you for that;

I skinned one up, and it made me glad

To discover the taste was still delicious

And my high nearly made me suspicious:

How do you people manage to get

Such good results when the year is so bad?

You don’t need to tell me, but let me be clear

I’m deeply grateful for your efforts this year

So please accept this gift from Sinterklaas

And keep up the good work – you guys kick ass!


Sincerely, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas.


On behalf of the whole Boerejongens crew, enjoy if you’re celebrtating Sinterklaas yourself this weekend!