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Amsterdam Genetics Socks – Be Unique, Be Yourself!

Now that we’ve left behind the first days of spring, we can enjoy more time outside of the house. That means it’s about time to put away your pj’s and sweatpants and put a little more effort into your appearance. Fix your hair, smile and put some new clothes on!

Especially for the sock fashionistas among us, we have found some extraordinary socks that allow you to walk around in style. They’re not only very stylish, you can also show your love for the real Amsterdam Genetics!

The socks are available per pair, but it’s more economical to buy them as the so-called Amsterdam Genetics 4 Pack SoX!

Amsterdam Genetics 4 Pack SoX

Why start small when you might as well go big?! With the Amsterdam Genetics 4 Pack SoX, you save yourself the trouble of picking the coolest pair of socks from the collection. You can have them all in one go! They are available in the sizes 39-42 and 43-46, so size-wise it can’t go wrong! The 4-pack surprises you with four pairs of fresh and happy socks that will last at least half a week!

In the 4-pack you’ll find two pairs with the same print on the left and right sock, and two pairs with a different print on the right and left foot! It’s well-known by now that some very intelligent or creative people like to wear two different kind of socks. So feel free to mix and match and create your own style with our Amsterdam Genetics collection.

The 4-pack is offered for €30,- and includes these socks:

The Amsterdam Genetics SoX

Of course we will describe the socks, so you know what you’re buying! Good to know: the socks can also be purchased per pair for only 10 euros!

Amsterdam Genetics Logo SoX

These eye-catching set of socks features the logo of Amsterdam Genetics. The AG Logo SoX are the ultimate combination of white socks with a fine print and a subtle nod to your cannabis lifestyle. Perfect for when you’re having coffee with your in-laws or for a first date!

Amsterdam Genetics Effect SoX

Our first pair of ‘odd socks’! On one of the socks you’ll find a large ‘Effect Smiley’, while the other one features a happy pattern of multiple ‘Effect Smileys’. The smileys show all the different kind of effects that the strains of Amsterdam Genetics or the products from Boerejongens can have on your mood, but they also subtly refer to your joy of life. Do you want two identical socks, but you’re also in love with the design of these awesome ‘Effect-SoX’? Why don’t you just order two pairs?

Professor Harvest SoX

The Professor Harvest SoX symbolize the more educational side of Amsterdam Genetics. The goal is to spread knowledge about cannabis as widely – and in as many ways – as possible. As we say in our Coffeeshop Information Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 10): ‘Get Smart Before You Get high!’. The merchandise of Amsterdam Genetics is also available in the Info Centre Amsterdam Shop.

Big Logo SoX

Surely subtleness has its limits and there are days you just want to be seen! That will certainly happen with our Big Logo SoX! This unique pair of socks includes one sock with a big Amsterdam Genetics Logo and one sock with our iconic and recognizable green cross! These socks combine perfectly with your favorite pair of trendy sneakers, fitted with our ‘White Choco’ Sneaker Tag Set to totally complete your set!

Socks amsterdam genetics logo

Merchandise That Looks Good On You!

Whether you choose one pair of socks or four pairs (or twelve or twenty), Amsterdam Genetics always has something to offer that suits you! Be unique by being yourself and go for our happy summer collection! Start your day on the right foot, put a stylish pair of socks on and go out into the world!

More a day for flip-flops, so you don’t want to wear socks? Go out with one of the many other options that Amsterdam Genetics Merchandise offers you! There’s always something that looks good on you!