Spacetry Video – Best Space Cake in Amsterdam Coffeeshop

The new Spacetry video is out! And wauw… what a creation! Cannabis infused edibles are more popular in Amsterdam these ast years. In the USA they go all the way in cannabis candy, cookies, cakes, chocolates and much more!

Here in our Amsterdam we have to deal with our coffeeshop rules; We are allowed to sell cake products with cannabis in it, but full chocolate bars or even the candy types are not allowed. We LOVE cake (pastry) and all of these selections from this video are 100% the best space cakes by look and taste (and we tested all over the world…)! Created by a Michelin Star Chef, these are by far the best ‘space cakes’ in town.

* Please always read our edible awareness before eating any edible types in Amsterdam. Edibles are only nice when they’re taken as they should be taken. Always use your mind before you start taking cannabis products.