The Best Space Cake in Amsterdam – Spacetry Tartelettes

Amsterdam has it all. The famous Red Light District, history, the canals and of course coffeeshops. Beside smoking weed and hash, the edibles are more popular than ever in Holland. We all know that eating cannabis is more healthy than smoking it.

In Amsterdam we name it all as ‘Space Cake’. This is due the acceptation law we have in Holland on coffeeshops, wich allows them to sell THC Edibles in only a cake product.

As we have enough bad tasting muffins or brownies, we cooperated with Amsterdam Genetics and a Michelin star chef to create top class cannabis infused edibles from the best quality ingredients for a delicious taste. Cannabis will effect the taste of your edibles, but we can ensure you that we created the most delicious edible line in the world with our so called ‘Spacetry’ that is available in all of our coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Let us introduce to you our Limited Edition Tartelettes!


  1. The Choconuts – Filled with chocolate ganache and topped with smoked nuts
  2.  The Peanana –  Filled with caramel and peanuts, on top banana cream with dried banana and peanuts (If you like snickers and banana… this is your new favorite!)
  3. Cherry Choco –  Filled with white chocolate and cherry, topped with dries cherry and popping sugar
  4. Lala-Lemon – Filled with fresh lemon curd, topped with choco crunch and lemon shell


Limited Edition

Aren’t they mouthwatering? Limited available in weekends at Boerejongens Coffeeshops Amsterdam!
Please always read the ‘Edible Awareness’ on our website before you eat any type of Space Cake, as the effect is totally different then smoking cannabis.

See You in Amsterdam!

The Tartelettes – Spacetry (Space Cake)