Things To Do in Amsterdam When You’re High

If you ever smoked a joint, then you probably already know that there are some great side effects of getting high. Everything you’ll see and experience is funnier, more beautiful and very intense. After some puffs you’ll start laughing about things that aren’t even funny at all, it will slow down your perception of time and you’ll feel very relaxed. In this blog we listed the best activities you can do when you’re high.

Glow in the dark minigolf

Step into a whole new world at this spectaculair indoor activity at Powerzone. The idea of playing minigolf in a glow in the dark world inspired by the famous dutch seamen sounds like a lot of fun and trust us: it sure is when you’re high! Powezone offers group deals, but you can also buy single tickets.

Price: €6,50
Adress: De Ruyterkade 153

Electric Ladyland

This is the first museum in the world about fluorescent art and an experience of it’s own. When you enter this fluorescent environment you’ll become a part of the piece of Art. The guided tour includes demonstrations of Fluorescent minerals from all over the world. Using special lights this common gray stones turning into brilliant multi-colored wonders of nature. And there is much more to experience!

Price: €5,00
Adress: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5


What better place to be high than Europe’s highest swing on the rooftop of the A’DAM Tower? You’ll have an amazing view at a terrifying height of almost 100 metres above the ground. So if you don’t have fear of heights this is a memorable experience. Enjoy the 360º views across Amsterdam’s historic city centre with your friend, because there is place for two people on the swing!

Price: €13,50
Adress: Overhoeksplein 5,


Animals look a lot funnier when you’re high. Artis is a zoo in the centre of Amsterdam and it’s one of the oldest zoo’s of Europe. Next to a zoo, Artis also has an aquarium and planetarium. Please be aware that you can not smoke inside the zoo!

Price: €24,00
Adress: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40

These four suggestions are the best things to do in Amsterdam when you’re high. We also understand that you just want to relax. If so, visit our coffeeshop and just chill!