top 5 delicious hot sports amsterdam

Top 5 Delicious HOT-SPOTS in Amsterdam

A day out in Amsterdam is always a great idea. Amsterdam has a lot of hotspots and we would love to share our favorites with you. This time we assume you are craving something sweet, maybe you’ve even got the munchies ;-)?

BE AWARE: this list is NOT suitable for people who want to lose weight…… We start with an extremely delicious cookie. Maybe you’ve heard or read about it, but rest assured you can never find a better cookie than this in town!

  1. Van Stapele Koekemakerij

Van Stapele sells only one cookie and a lot of the times they even have lines around the block all the way to the Spuistraat! But, if you ask us, it’s totally worth the wait: a very fresh (often still warm!) chocolate cookie, made of Valrhona chocolate, with a filling of delicious white ‘cream’. Every bite makes you a bit happier and the price is certainly right: for only €1,95 you can buy a piece of happiness. The ladies from Van Stapele bake 3000 cookies per day and they close when they are sold out. So be on time, they open at 10.00!

Van Stapele Cookies Amsterdam

  1. Polaberry

There’s a good reason Polaberry is a big hit on Instagram. They have several locations all over the world. With a lot of pink and flowers in their decorations, it’s a store that you really want to visit, but obviously, it’s all about the treats. Polaberry sells fruit, covered in delicious kinds of chocolate, finished off with beautiful decorations. A true hit are their gift boxes, or the ‘bouquets’ they sell. You might think, hmm fruit in chocolate? But believe us, they are really, really good. We don’t know how they grow those strawberries, but those alone are super juicy and sweet. The chocolate makes it complete, the flavors are a perfect match. Ruby, dark, white or milk… everything is possible. So, definitely pay this place a visit at Prinsengracht 232 or order a present online, 100% score 😉

Polaberry Amsterdam

  1. Van Der Linde

Van Der Linde is a phenomenon in Amsterdam and its environs. The business has been operating since 1937 at Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. If you are celebrating a birthday with pastries from this place, you know it’s good! The punsch rolls are amazing, but especially the vanilla ice cream is ‘waiting-in-line-worthy’ for local and tourist! It’s a very small store and you can only pay with cash, keep that in mind. The Nieuwendijk itself is good for shopping and from here you can easily access the Dam or the Red Light District.

van der linde

  1. Bulls And Dogs

Bulls & Dogs at the Van Woustraat can satisfy your worst craving. We loves this place especially for their amazing Milkshakes. These creations look more like a milkshake cake than the milkshakes you know from the local snack bar or McDonalds. They are available in many different flavors with a topping of your choice. After eating this, you don’t need food for a week 😉

Bulls and dogs

  1. De Drie Graefjes

A pretty simple Red Velvet cake, but oh my! De Drie Graefjes has it all. Their wide product range has something good to offer every sweet tooth. Besides their wonderful cakes, they also offer a great lunch. They have more locations in Amsterdam, two of them close to the Dam. The Red Velvet caused the popularity of this ‘American Bakery’ among the Dutch. Tourists also know their way to these places now, to try these treats with a good cup of coffee. The cream makes it particularly delicious, so it definitely deserves a place on you to-eat list of Amsterdam!

drie graefjes amsterdam