Traditional Hash vs. Block Hash (The Block Doc)

What is the difference between traditional Moroccan hash and Block hash?

There is a big difference between traditional Moroccan Hashish and the Block hash you will find in the better – Amsterdam Genetics related – coffeeshops.
Block hash is nothing but a true top quality cannabis product, mostly sold to the experienced smoker, true hash enthusiast, but more and more to the weed smoker too!
Maybe this Block Hash is already your favorite cannabis product, and maybe you have no clue where this is about.
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Different Compounds

The greatest difference between traditional Moroccan hashish and Block hash is in the various THC and CBD compounds:

Traditional Moroccan hash is made from Moroccan Cannabis strains. When you analyze this hash, you will always find a high percentage of CBD. This traditional hashish contains mostly around 17 – 20 % THC and 7 – 9 % CBD

The Block hash is made from the Block plant from Amsterdam Genetics strains. These strains contain primarily THC and when you analyze this final Block hashish you will measure 36 – 42% THC and between 0,4 to 1,6 % CBD.


This is due to the Amsterdam Genetics strains from which Hash Blocks are cultivated. Typically, Amsterdam genetics have been refined towards potent THC content, while shedding virtually almost all CBD in the process.
The Cannabis Seeds provide some of the most reliable germination rates found on today’s market. These strains were designed to make the most of their genetic lineage. Innovative use of new strains has led to one of the most stable versions of the best genetics developed so far.

The Climate

The Moroccan climate is perfect for growing the finest cannabis plants, but also the human factor is a key ingredient. Years of experience and hard work have made experts of the Moroccan farmers. Firsthand knowledge is passed down through the generations, to preserve the tradition surrounding this great product. For these farmers, high quality seeds are crucial.
A hash plant is under enormous pressure throughout its life, as it is pushed to the limits of it’s stress tolerance every single day.
Producing the finest quality hash is no simple feat. Cannabis is grown all across the globe, and quality varies dramatically. This is why the farmers have carefully selected Amsterdam Genetics Seeds for growing the best hash plants.
The Moroccan farmers have reached 30% to 50% more yield by using Amsterdam Genetics seeds. A big win-win situation for farmer to costumer.

Watch The Block Doc about the best Amsterdam hash here.

Block Hash

THC content analysis reveals staggering differences between the Hash Blocks and some of the most powerful cannabis buds found in any Amsterdam coffeeshop. Although the buds and Blocks share the same genetic makeup, and the coffeeshop buds are grown in fully automated controlled environments, the striking difference in THC levels is achieved by making full use of the Moroccan climate and the many non-active ingredients filtered out during the Hash Blocks manufacturing process. Here, tradition, culture, climate, and smart farming combine to produce the most sensational cannabis products to date.

The month of May is known as the sowing and growing month. In the months of June to August, the plants are in full flower and harvest time is around late August mid-September. For 3 weeks the plants are dried upside down in a well-ventilated premises the patience for this drying process is amply rewarded: the end result is simply beautiful. Only the top and middle stam it’s flowers are used for the exclusive/ limited edition Block Hash. The plants are then beaten in authentic Moroccan style and compressed into the wonderful Block hash.
For one gram of Block Hash, you’ll need 50 to 75 grams of dried flower. For limited editions like the Tangerine G13 , for one gram you need even a 100 to 150 grams of dried flower.

You may understand why this product is so special. There is so much passion and effort in the cultivation and manufacturing of this wonderful product.
The next time you light up a Block joint you may keep this in mind.

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