face masks mandatory

UPDATE – Face Masks Mandatory In All Our Coffeeshops

We’ll admit it’s hard work keeping track of all the latest coronavirus measures. As autumn rolls into winter, infection rates are still too high. That’s why the partial lockdown is still in effect, with some minor tweaks along the way. Each new set of rules affected coffeeshops, and so they affected you as a customer, too. The latest new measure, effective from Tuesday December 1, makes face masks mandatory. The rule applies to all indoor public spaces – making face masks mandatory in all Boerejongens coffeeshops for the foreseeable future.

Why Make Face Masks Mandatory In Coffeeshops?

Coffeeshops are part of indoor public space. Roughly speaking, this covers any building accessible to the public, including shops, train stations, and museums, among other sites. Private spaces such as your own home don’t count, but coffeeshops certainly do. In coffeeshops, you can’t avoid meeting and talking to other people. Of course, the social aspect is one of the great things about coffeeshops. In this time of corona, though, it also means a potential infection hazard.

If everyone wears face masks, we lessen the risk of airborne transmission. So from December 1, making face masks mandatory in coffeeshops means protecting yourself as well as our bud tenders, other visitors, and (vulnerable) people around us. All in all, it’s a matter of common sense for our coffeeshops to extend their full cooperation.

face masks mandatory
Preparedness = King.

Mandatory Face Masks On Top Of Existing Rules

As you know, simply wearing a face mask is not enough to stop the spread of the virus. That’s why mandatory face masks come as an addition to the safety measures we already observed in our shops. Obviously, our Hosts are there to remind you of the rules, but just to be sure, we’ll repeat them here:

  • All coffeeshops close at 8pm;
  • After 8pm, outdoor possession and use of cannabis is forbidden;
  • If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home;
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres (approx. 2 arm’s lengths) from other people;
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
  • Don’t shake hands with others and avoid physical contact;
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow, not your hand;
  • Avoid crowded places. Leave if you notice it is becoming difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 metres;
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 2 persons max

No Face Mask = No Entry

We have to be strict here, because face masks are only going to help if everyone wears them. That’s why we can and will refuse entry to our coffeeshops if you do not wear a face mask. Wearing a shawl or bandana is not enough: you need to wear a genuine face mask that covers all of your mouth and your nose. Be advised: we’ll be strict in enforcing the new rule as of Tuesday December 1, simply because we have to. Whether we like it or not. And if you’re not doing this to help us out, just do it out of self-interest; the police will fine you 95 euros if they catch you not wearing a mask where you should.

face masks mandatory

Closing Earlier, Longer Queues: Plan Your Visit!

Now that we need to close our doors at eight, it’s becoming pretty crowded at our coffeeshops these days. The existing corona and social distancing matters only add to the waiting times. You’ve probably noticed it already: if you’re out of luck, you’ll need  to line up before you can enter to do your shopping. That’s why we have this tip a.k.a. request for you: make sure to avoid the ‘rush hour’ lasting from 4pm to 8pm. Service is much quicker in the slow hours, and you may avoid standing in line while the autumn weather takes a turn for the worse.

And another thing: don’t wait until 7:45 to make that quick trip to the shop at the last moment. Our coffeeshops have to be closed at 8pm. That means we really need to start closing the shop at 7:30pm. Whoever is still queuing up outside by that time runs the risk of being left out. No fun: not for you, and not for us either. So prevent disappointments and be sure to arrive on time.

That just about sums up the latest coronavirus measures, so you’re all caught up. As soon as anything changes, we’ll let you know through this website and on the socials. Of course, you can always ask any questions to the hosts at the door, or pop over to the official government site for a full summary of all rules and measures in force.