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Top 5 Activities For Valentines Day in Amsterdam

It’s impossible to ignore: soon Valentines Day is upon us all once more! Both partnered and single people are spoiled with multiple offers and slashing prices on special love deals, jewelry, flowers and chocolates. But who knows. Perhaps you are more the activity-based type of person and you care less about vanity items during Valentines Day. If that’s the case, you are reading the ultimate article. Because we present you: the top 5 activities for Valentines Day in Amsterdam!

  1. A hop-on hop-off boat cruise through the Amsterdam Canals
  2. A lovely dinner at Amsterdams finest restaurants
  3. Swinging at 300 feet above the city
  4. Go on a different shopping spree for once!
  5. Ice skating in Amsterdam (also for singles!)

A hop-on hop-off boat cruise through the Amsterdam Canals

When visiting Amsterdam you have (!) to take a boat cruise through the mesmerizing Amsterdam Canals. When you do, make sure you buy a ‘hop-on / hop-off ticket’, so you can get on and off the boat are several iconic points in Amsterdam. This will allow you to visit the city centre to it’s fullest potential. While you can also book a bus tour, we strongly recommend taking the boat. Sit back and relax to enjoy this special day together. You can always rush through life tomorrow.

Valentine canal tour

A Lovely Dinner at Amsterdams Finest Restaurants

According to TripAdvisor: the top 3 ‘fancy’ restaurants in Amsterdam are “Restaurant Bougainville”, “Graham’s Kitchen” and “De Silveren Spiegel”. They are the absolute best in their respective fields! There is no activity more ‘classic’ than a lovely dinner and Amsterdam is the best place to do so. The city contains hundreds of restaurants, that will be perfect for you regardless of your taste or preferences!
We also advice Mr Meat, Salmuera, Ron Gastrobar and Kannibale Royale!

Ron Gastrobar - best restaurants amsterdam
Ron Gastrobar Downtown

Swinging at 300 Feet Above The City

Are you fine by sitting on a chair, but do you lack the enthusiasm for sitting for multiple hours in a restaurant? Perhaps this tip is suitable just for you! At A’DAM LOOKOUT you can celebrate this Valentines Day in Amsterdam in style! For just a small price this you can both enjoy a breathtaking view of this metropole below you. Swing together, hand in hand, above this city. And reclaim your love for one another.

Go On a Different Shopping Spree For Once!

Often tourists visit Amsterdam because of the extensive offer of shops and department stores. Dam Square, Kalverstraat, Leidsestraat and Nieuwendijk are immensely popular among tourists. Mainly ,because these streets display the most exclusive brands this city has to offer. But it’s time for something different!

Pay a visit to the Utrechtsestraat instead! Utrechtsestraat offers a large variety of cute and small shops, mostly by family businesses that have been in business for a very long time. Utrechtsestraat is the place to be if you are looking for specialties and delicacies. The finest wines, cheeses, outfits and romantic little restaurants. Utrechtsestraat is absolutely worth your time!

Ice Skating in Amsterdam (Also For Singles!)

The odds of being able to ice skate the Amsterdam Canals this year are slim to none. However, during this Valentines Day in Amsterdam you can always go skate on the Jaap Eden tracks as an alternative. This is also our singles tip, by the way! Ice skating is a lovely activity that attracts people from Amsterdam and the rest of the country to spend the day outside on the ice. Who knows this will be the place where you will meet your significant other this Valentines Day in Amsterdam. Or – if you already have met your partner for life – enjoy a wonderful day with ice, hot chocolate and each other.

Looking for some hot spots? Check these TASTY hotspots out!

The A’dam Tower – Swing on the rooftop and have the best view on Amsterdam City centre!