What is an Amsterdam Coffeeshop

What Is an Amsterdam Coffeeshop?

It might be a bit confusing to walk around in Amsterdam and discover our world famous ‘Coffeeshops’ for the first time. So a ‘Coffeeshop’ is something different than a ‘Coffee Shop’. Over 160 establishments in the Dutch capitol are so called Cannabis ‘Coffeeshops’. And while in most cases you can definitely enjoy a coffee at these shops, the main business is a bit different; selling weed, hash and spacecakes!

Why is it called ‘Coffeeshop’?

To answer the question why these establishments are called ‘coffeeshops’, we have to dive into the history of marijuana in the Netherlands.
The very first coffee house where one (secretly) sold hash and marijuana, was Mellow Yellow. During this period, more and more tea- and coffeehouses started selling weed. So the name ‘coffeeshop’ did not come from people who decided to call it that way. It basically already was a coffeeshop, and the name never changed when they started offering weed, hash and spacecakes there.
After the period of selling secretly, the city of Amsterdam tried, but couldn’t stop the illegal sales. In their attempt to come up with a solution, the Dutch government invented the ‘toleration law’. Then the first license was given to Mellow Yellow, and so they became the very first ‘Coffeeshop’ where they could sell weed, hash and space cake. As long as they complied with the strict rules in this toleration law, that is. From there on out, over 250 licenses were given out. Though nowadays, due to new rules, only around 160 of these shops are left in Amsterdam.
Read more about the history of Amsterdam Coffeeshops here.

Mellow Yellow – That is now closed as a coffeeshop

Boerejongens Coffeeshops Amsterdam

With Boerejongens Coffeeshops we created a totally new style of coffeeshops in Amsterdam where we try to be as transparent as we can be by law. The dark and dodgy places are changed to clean, open and light coffeeshops with marble counters and floors, wood and brass golden details and the sneaky sellers are changed to professional cannabis sommeliers!

Boerejongens Coffeeshop Sloterdijk (Flagship Store)
The newest coffeeshop location on Humberweg 2

How to keep Coffeeshops and coffee shops separate?

First of all, you will probably notice a smell when you walk into a cannabis coffeeshop 😉 But as there are around 160 cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you might want to know where to go to visit the best ones. The Amsterdam locals definitely know the difference, so ask them where to go and visit our Coffeeshop Information Centre on Prins Hendrikkade 10. We have interective touchscreens presenting you with only the best coffeeshops in town and everything you need to know about smoking cannabis and the Dutch regulations and laws.
Keep always in mind: ‘go where the locals go’, and you probably will find the best hot spots in the city!

Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 10 – Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam Video:

Good Coffee

If you don’t want to visit a cannabis coffeeshop in Amsterdam, but just a ‘normal place’ to have a good tea or coffee? The Dutch call these a ‘koffie huis’ (coffee house) or café. As Amsterdam is full of good places for a coffee, we can’t imagine you won’t find one while walking around.

Want to have a good coffee, smoke cannabis and enjoy (alcoholic) drinks?

Then coffeeshopamsterdam Café on Singel 8 might be the best hotspot for you. It’s brand new, with a great basement and enough space for you and your friends visiting Amsterdam. And if one of your friends is a non-smoker, this place is perfect offering you the best of both worlds!

coffeeshopamsterdam Café
Singel 8 – Amsterdam

coffeeshopamsterdam Café – Singel 8 – Amsterdam

The basement of coffeeshopamsterdam Café, the perfect spot for you and your friends!