south africa minister - ZOL song

When People Zol – Thank You South Africa

Sometimes, unexpected side-effects of a global health crisis come up that you just have to pass around. Literally. In South Africa, a perfectly well-intended warning by Minister Dr Dlamini Zuma took an unexpected spin. In a speech on the strict national coronavirus measures, she reached out to a broad audience by mentioning the practice of ‘zol’ – SA slang for smoking a joint. It was picked up by DJ Max Hurrell, who managed to put a seriously catchy beat under the clip in no-time. The result? Well, this thing has gone viral faster than the virus itself…


Check out this video – just one of many versions circulating the webs right now. From our position here in Amsterdam, we salute Ms Dlamini Zuma, DJ Max Hurrell, and all of the South African nation for cheering the world up with our very own lockdown anthem! As far as we’re concerned, we’re putting away those vuvuzelas and switching them for something else.

Of course, South African zollers picked up on the speech the minute they heard it. In a stroke of genius, however, the minister decided to roll along with the way her quote went viral. She contacted the DJ and from there on, she rose to African and global internet immortality within the week.

Please Zol Responsibly

Now obviously, this is simply a spinoff connected to a deadly serious affair. South Africa has imposed some of the most severe lockdown restrictions in the world early on in the crisis, and it seems that this rigid stance is paying off. Like many other responsible cannabis professionals, we have been cautioning against sharing your joints – wait, we mean zol – with your friends. We couldn’t agree more with Ms Dlamini Zuma; we just wish we’d come up with such a brilliant way to communicate it ourselves.

If you’re finding this as hilariously uplifting as we do, always remember to Zol Responsibly, because, you know, when people zol – eeeh – and when they share that zol – they put saliva on their paper…

If you decide to zol, zol responsibly!

Remember to get your daily dose of the giggles, especially in these grim days, and stay safe out there y’all!