Munchies cannabis smoking

Why Does Smoking Cannabis Give You The Munchies?

Everyone knows that feeling of craving for food when you’re stoned. Better known as munchies. You can’t think of anything else but chocolate bars, apple pies and the entire menu of a fastfood restaurant. But why do we get so hungry after smoking cannabis? We have the answer!

Blame It On THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the magical ingredient of cannabis. It’s the reason why you feel so great when you’re stoned. Unfortunately, every good thing also has a bad side. THC is responsible for giving you that desire for anything that is eatable.

When consuming cannabis your brain gets a little bit distributed. The regions that control our moods are stimulated and gives you that euphoric feeling. When THC reaches the area of the brain that influences appetite, it wil stimulate you to eat.

Smells Delicious

According to an animal study THC appears to enhance our sensitivity to smell. Which means that aromas of food are stronger and causes us to eat more.

Other studies say that neurons that normally are turned off when you’re eating are doing the opposite when you’re stoned. They stimulate more eating. Usually when you’ve had enough food your brain will let you know and you will stop eating. That’s not the case when you’re high.

Another explanation is that THC increases the release of dopamine, which enhances the pleasure of eating.

Will It Make Me Fat?

It’s true that obese people will have a bigger munchie response. When they see a hamburger it will activate their dopamine system to a higher degree than non-obese people. But that is also the case when they’re not high. We recommend for people who’re afraid of gaining weight by using pot to make sure you have healthy snacks at home. Eat some tortilla chips with salsa or popcorn and you can still have a great time.

On the other hand, For people with illnesses that dull appetite THC can help them to get hungry. For people suffering from cancer or HIV sometimes the drug can be therapeutic.

For everyone in between: Don’t worry, be happy (and a little bit hungry)

*This blogpost is for informational purposes only and is NOT to make you consume more cannabis