XXL SPACETRY: Best and Biggest Space Cake Amsterdam

It is a treat that few Amsterdam visitors are able to resist: a good old slice of space cake, as Amsterdam’s cannabis (infused) edibles are known. Space cake edibles have been a familiar Amsterdam pastry for decades, as have their fellow edibles like the familiar hash brownies and pot cookies. Today, however, we are witness to the release of a whole new line of cannabis delights: Amsterdam Genetics’ very own Spacetry range of exquisite cannabis edibles!

Spacetry is a radically new concept across Amsterdam. This is space cake of the very highest quality, created by the gourmet mind of a genuine Michelin Star Chef. Spacetry is a feast for the eyes, and their range of flavours will leave your taste buds desperate for another slice. At the renowned Boerjongens coffeeshop chain, you will even find a choice of Limited Edition Spacetry variations to complement the regular product range. This is your chance to treat yourself to a cannabis experience on the level of the world’s finest five-star restaurants. Rest assured that one bite of these amazingly yummy edibles will make you want to try all the other flavours too; again, and again, and again, in fact…

Larger Than Life Spacetry

If you’ve been one of the lucky visitors of this year’s Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag (Cannabis Liberation Day) festival, you may have stumbled across the wonderful Amsterdam Genetics pavilion present at the scene. And if you did visit us, you can hardly have missed the ginormous XXL Spacetry Cakes we had on display.

This glorious duo of custom-baked space cake giants was created in the familiar Boerejongens and Amsterdam Genetics style. These megacakes were accompanied by a real-life CBD Macaron tower, made especially to celebrate all the other Spacetry Limited Editions we have in store.

As the name suggests, these Limited Editions are a constantly changing selection of exclusive and the best delicious space cakes, available for limited duration in all our stores: from Thursday to Sunday, and only while stocks last. So don’t miss out – come and get them while they’re hot!

Called Amsterdam’s Finest For A Reason

Let’s face it: these Spacetry are called the best space cakes in all of Amsterdam for a reason. Every single edition has a unique design, using only the finest ingredients to maintain gourmet excellence in every new batch. Of course, in addition to taste and texture, the special effects of our Spacetry must be top notch as well. However, do keep in mind that these effects ultimately depend on multiple factors, so we suggest that you read our ‘awareness blog’ on our website before you grab a bite: Awareness blog

This enormous gold and white Boerejongens XXL Space Cake reflects the influence of the Amsterdam School style of architecture that characterises our Boerejongens coffeeshops. A sumptuous sprinkle of ornamental golden cannabis leaves made this the true showstopper of the event. On the inside, a vanilla cake and butter cream filling with strawberries awaited the guests queueing up for a slice. Needless to say, this enormous cake didn’t last long once we started sharing out slices to the crowd!

This gorgeous dark cake contained the same delicious filling as its Boerejongens counterpart, but it was finished entirely in true Amsterdam Genetics fashion. The THC molecules and AGS logos decorating the outside literally proved the icing on the cake, and unsurprisingly, it didn’t take the audience long to finish this huge pile of elite edible goodness either.

The CBD Macaron Tower was a teaser for the new CBD Pastry range to be sold at the Coffeeshop Info Centre, located Prins hendrikkade 10, right next to the city’s Central Station. This wonderful venue sells top quality CBD products, including high grade Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil and CBD Melt Tablets. From now on, the Coffeeshop Info Centre is also your place to be if you fancy the best in (semi-) healthy CBD Edibles!


You want to know our personal favourite, though? The CBD Chocolate Bars are hot items across our entire team. Have a bite of these lovely bars, filled with ganache, and try not to chew off your fingers along the way! As well as being a great personal treat, these bars also make a great gift to any cannabis aficionado, as well as for anyone using CBD. Last but not least, they also provide a tasteful way to try out CBD for anyone curious about its beneficial effects…
Whatever your personal taste may be, we are absolutely sure that you will love our new range of Spacetry products. We hope to see you at one of our counters soon – these little beauties are an Amsterdam delight you just can’t afford to miss!