Raising Your Awareness Of Cannabis Through Education.

Here at Boerejongens, we believe firmly in Cannabis Education. We want you to be aware of the effects of cannabis and the potential risks involved in using any cannabis products.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a natural product derived from a plant called Cannabis sativa. It is known by many different names across different cultures, including marijuana, weed, and grass. Basically, marijuana consists of a cannabis plant’s dried flower buds. Hashish, or hash, is made by sifting the resin from these flower buds and then compressing it into a concentrated block. The many different effects of using cannabis are usually called being ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. The main substance that produces these effects is called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. Each different type of hashish or marijuana contains different amounts of THC. As part of our responsibility to our customers, and to increase customer awareness, we now list THC levels on our coffeeshop menu.

Being Aware Of Cannabis Effects

Hashish and marijuana are drugs with various effects, including pain suppression and the muting of emotions. Cannabis can also amplify certain feelings, lower blood pressure, cause drowsiness, and spark a sudden craving for food. Beware though, as it can also change the way you perceive the world around you. Add to this the fact that cannabis will slow your responses to what happens around you, and you’ll see why you shouldn’t drive a car after using cannabis, for example.

What Are The Risks Of Taking Cannabis?

As part of our Boerejongens policy to raise customer awareness, we feel it is our duty to point out the risks involved in cannabis consumption in any form, be it smoking, vaping, or eating. Customers may experience problems thinking logically, or memory issues, such as failing to remember what happened just minutes ago. Smoking cannabis releases tar into your lungs which could cause damage. Another risk is called a ‘bad trip’. If you use too much cannabis at once, for instance, or you were feeling faint or depressed before using it, you may experience symptoms such as palpitations, excessive sweating, loss of control, feeling sick and anxiety and paranoia. Cannabis should always be used responsibly. Constant use can lead to addiction, both psychologically and physically. Certain people are extra vulnerable to negative effects, including people vulnerable to depression and psychosis. Also, do not drink alcohol before or after using cannabis, because the effects of alcohol and cannabis can easily combine into unpredictable and very unpleasant mental and physical reactions.

If You Are New To Cannabis

If you have little or no experience with cannabis, please stick to the following guidelines to make sure that your experience is as positive, relaxed, and tasty as it can get. First of all, ask the coffeeshop employee for a mild cannabis strain to try. Some Dutch weed strains have high THC levels and may well prove too strong for beginners. Secondly, start slowly. THC takes a few minutes before you start to feel its effects after you smoke it. After you’ve rolled or bought a joint, don’t smoke it all in one go. Just light up, take a few puffs, and then put the joint back down. Wait for ten minutes until you notice its effects. If you feel okay, you can just light up again and continue to enjoy your smoke. In case of edibles such as space cake or hash brownies, you will need to wait longer. This is because it takes thirty minutes to an hour before THC passes your stomach and reaches your brain. Don’t eat your edibles all at once: eat half (or share it with someone else) and wait for the effect to kick in. If you’re feeling okay after an hour, eat the other half.

What Are The Effects Of Taking Cannabis?

Depending on the way you prefer to enjoy our quality products, the effects will start anywhere between a few minutes to an hour after use. People who prefer to smoke will notice the effect after a few minutes and it could last anywhere between two and four hours. If you prefer to ingest our products in some way then be prepared for the effects not to take hold for up to an hour later. You should then expect to notice the effects for between four and eight hours. The effects of using cannabis can be divided into mental or psychological effects and physical or bodily effects. Please keep in mind that all of these effects are temporary: they will pass after a while. If you feel bad after using cannabis, just try to relax and find a quiet spot where you can wait until you feel better. Non-alcoholic sugary drinks often help against the symptoms, as does having a person you trust nearby to reassure you.

Mental Effects

Hashish and marijuana affect the way you feel, and the way you perceive the world around you. It can make you feel cheerful and relaxed. Worries may subside, and you could find it easier to engage with other people. On the other hand, some people experience a deep sense of anxiety and paranoia called ‘the fear’ after using cannabis. You may also experience music and colours to be more intense. Your experience of time passing may change, as may your perception of space. While cannabis can stimulate your imagination, you may also find it hard to focus or concentrate on what happens around you. Thinking logically may become more difficult, and your memory may become less effective. You could forget what you were saying in mid-sentence.

Physical Effects

Cannabis can make your body feel very comfortable and relaxed. On the other hand, it can also make you feel decidedly unpleasant instead. Your heart rate increases, and you may experience palpitations. You could experience dizziness and faintness due to a drop in in blood pressure. Your mouth can feel dry, making you feel thirsty, and the white of your eyes can turn pink or slightly red because the blood vessels dilate. Your limbs can feel heavy because your muscles relax. Your appetite may increase, specifically making you crave sweet food and sugary snacks. Again, remember that all of these effects are temporary: they will pass in a while. Should anyone around you get ‘the fears’, feel paranoid, or possibly faint for a few seconds after using cannabis, just make sure you stick around and make them feel at ease. Due to the mood effects of cannabis, you may actually feel as though you are terribly ill, or even dying, but you’re not. You’re just having a bad trip, and getting some fresh air, a quiet place to recover, and a sugary drink will get you up and running in no time!

Cannabis Effects May Depend On Your Mood And Surroundings

Please note that taking cannabis intensifies your mood, so if you’re already feeling lousy it could make you feel even worse. Be sure to only use cannabis when you’re feeling positive and relaxed. Using cannabis on an empty stomach can intensify feelings of faintness and nausea, so make sure you’ve had something to eat first. Your surroundings matter, too. Find a quiet and relaxed place where you feel at ease before using cannabis. It’s usually best to use it in the company of friends you trust. Another useful tip is making sure you have something sweet and tasty nearby for when you suddenly get ‘the munchies’. Also have plenty of drinks ready to quench your thirst. Oh – and finally, having a pair of sunglasses can be very useful to cover your pink eyes. You can block intense sunlight with them, and more importantly, you will not feel as though everyone sees that you’re high.

Cannabis Test

As a responsible cannabis company, the Boerejongens team is all about using our products in a responsible way. To find out whether you are minimising the risks involved in your personal cannabis use, you can complete this online test: test. It was developed by Jellinek Centre, the official Dutch experts on safe drug use. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll receive the test results with additional information about your score. We will also give you our professional recommendations and tips for staying safe in the future.

If you need help and advice on quitting cannabis, you may find the following sites helpful:

Of course, you can also approach our trained staff with any questions you have - we’re here to help!

Getting to know cannabinoids

Cannabis is a natural product that contains hundreds of different active substances. The most important of these substances are known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are similar to substances that occur naturally in the human body called endocannabinoids. Both cannabinoids and endocannabinoids can interact with our nervous system. They are particularly active in the brain, which explains why they affect your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. Knowing about cannabinoids will help you to understand exactly what it is you are using, which in turn helps you choose the strains that match your personal preferences. Cannabis can be used for either medical or recreational purposes, depending on the amounts of different cannabinoids it contains. Which kind you buy makes all the difference in your cannabis experience. The explanation below will help you understand the difference between the various strains we sell. Getting to know cannabinoids and their effects helps you make informed choices for responsible cannabis use.


THC and CBD are the two most prominent cannabinoids found within marijuana, but both perform different roles. THC is psychoactive and is largely responsible for the experience known as being high or stoned. CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabinoid that actually counters this experience, tempering the psychoactive effect and enhancing the strain’s medical value. THC is the best-known cannabinoid found in cannabis, and it is mostly used for recreational purposes. The reason marijuana is such a popular form of medical treatment is largely due to its other active cannabinoids. The active ingredient medical patients tend to be most interested in is the cannabinoid known as cannabidiol, or CBD for short. Each strain has a different ratio of these active compounds, making each individual cannabis strain more suited to different needs.