Boerejongens Coffeeshops, Part of the Community in the Neighborhood

Boerejongens Coffeeshops are truly part of the local community. We help contribute to improving the neighbourhood around us by means of hiring The Neighbourhood Hosts, or De Buurtgastheren as they are known in Dutch. The Neighbourhood Hosts work to protect the social cohesion and safety around our shops. They also help add to the social spirit of the people who make up the surrounding community. Neigbourhood Hosts are there to help people out, to correct improper conduct, and to check for valid IDs at the shop’s entrance. They will greet you with a friendly welcome and always strive to improve cohesion and harmony. This ensures that everyone can enjoy a nice, friendly atmosphere, whether you’re a coffeeshop customer, a local resident, or simply a passer-by getting a whiff of that good old Amsterdam street life.

The Neighbourhood Hosts – Here To Help

As part of our working partnership with The Neighbourhood Hosts, we try to help out where we can on behalf of the local neighbourhood.

If one of our neighbours needs a hand with some groceries, they’ll help get them inside. Cleaning the porch for the elderly lady next door? Let’s go grab a brush! Need to borrow a bicycle pump? We’ve got one waiting for you.

Boerejongens has also adopted eight local underground garbage containers from the Amsterdam municipality. As part of taking our environment seriously, the Neighbourhood Hosts see to it that our streets stay clean day in, day out.

This helps contribute to a lively neighbourhood with a shared sense of community – a great home turf for companies like us: enterprises that consider a pleasant business and social climate to be part of their responsibilities.