House Rules

Identification Required! Upon request by the staff, every customer must be able to present valid identification (passport, identity card, or driver's license). No ID means no access. Extra ID/passport check at the counter.


We do not sell more than 5 grams per day per customer.

24-hour Camera Surveillance

For your safety and ours, we use bodycams and fixed cameras both inside and outside. You agree to be recorded, and in case of emergencies, these recordings may be shown to third parties. For questions about your privacy, read the privacy statement on the website or ask the manager.


The coffeeshop is not liable for damage to or loss of your belongings.


After causing a nuisance, you will be denied entry. Nuisance includes illegal parking, loud music, and loitering in or near the shop. We will first warn you. If you do not comply, we will deny you entry.

Bedenk wel dat blowen en deelname aan het verkeer als bestuurder niet samen gaan.

By entering the premises, you acknowledge and agree to our house rules. Our house rules apply to all visitors of our establishment, whether inside or near the coffeeshop. After violating our house rules, we reserve the right to deny you entry after a warning. If a crime is committed, the police will be involved.