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Our coffeeshops have been pushing the boundaries of quality and service since 2007. Every member of our team has received extensive training to provide our customers with the best information and service possible. We are the leaders in Education, Knowledge and Customer Service. Boerejongens [pronounced Bore-a-young-an’s] means Farmer Boys, representing our passion. For us, excellence is in our genes.

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Our Mission

Here at Boerejongens, we’re often asked what makes us so successful. Our secret? We don’t accept regular quality – only the best is good enough for us. From the prime genetics in Amsterdam Genetics seeds and service, to the impeccable bowler hats of our hosts, we always go the extra mile to get you nothing but the best. That’s what sets Boerejongens apart from other coffeeshops: excellence is in our genes!

You’ll see the difference between ‘quality’ and ‘top quality’ at every level of our organisation:

  • Our knowledge & customer service
  • The spotless quality of our shops & dispensaries
  • The great vibe and relaxed atmosphere at our venues
  • Our friendly hosts in three-piece suits and matching bowler hats
  • A stylish interior that radiates what we work for and represent: superior class

We keep providing the best price-to-quality ratio as we continue to raise the standards for the business. Still, the true key behind the success of Boerejongens is the level of trust in our services expressed by our customers.

What Makes Boerejongens So Special?

We listen to what our customers want and say. We use your expert feedback to continuously improve our services.

We respect tradition, but we’re always willing to accept new knowledge and fresh insights. That is how we keep our passion burning.

We will always keep changing, innovating, and improving as a company. For us, this is part of the fun. Once you stop moving forward, you’ve taken your first step back. That’s what keeps us on top in the business of giving our customers exactly what they want...

Top Notch Service

Boerejongens distinguishes itself through quality service, provided by knowledgeable staff in squeaky-clean outfits. Our clean shirts with black bracers, pharmacist’s coats, bowler hats and three-piece suits match the classy interior of our dispensaries: they’re a reflection of the superior quality that sets us apart from regular Amsterdam coffeeshops. We take our clientele and our products seriously, and we’re not afraid to show it in every aspect of our Boerejongens brand.

No matter which of our Boerejongens coffeeshops you visit, you’ll instantly recognise what makes us stand out. It’s our care for top quality, down to the last detail. It’s what we naturally do – excellence is in our genes.

Finest Quality Products

Our team has been operating in this sector since 1985. We have profound experience with every aspect of the business, and we invest every shred of our expertise and passion in the quality of our products. Our care for excellence is reflected in everything we do: from the vibrant, professional, and friendly atmosphere in our shops to the way we work to get you the best experience that anyone could ask for.

We value customer feedback. We regularly invite enthusiasts to review our products, and we use their insights to further develop and improve our strains.

True quality is never static, but always moving ahead. That is why our quest for excellence requires us to stay sharp and creative as we keep raising our standards, again and again. We keep aiming for perfection in our ongoing journey to get you nothing but the best.

Working at Boerejongens

We invest heavily in our staff’s level of expertise, because we believe that a well-oiled team of knowledgeable employees is necessary to keep our customers informed and satisfied. That is why all staff attend several courses each year, both in-company and externally. The ‘Cannabis Career’ programme is a good example of our education focus. This officially accredited course provides excellent product knowledge, and as such, it is mandatory for all our coffeeshop employees. These courses are needed to maintain the high standards at Boerejongens, where it takes about two years to become a fully trained employee. We don’t want salespeople behind the counter: we want sommeliers. Our most gifted employees are given ample opportunity to grow within the organization and advance their careers.


Working With Amsterdam Genetics

For years now, Amsterdam Genetics has been active in a highly interesting side branch: cultivation and the seed trade.

By joining forces and combining our expertise in cannabis genetics, they have built a strong foundation for cultivating seeds of superior quality. Combining scientific knowledge and the passion of true connoisseurs has brought some unique genetic strains.

To illustrate Amsterdam Genetics' level of innovation and expertise, we are proud to mention that the University of Leiden is currently working with genetics developed by Amsterdam Genetics. This sharing of expertise works both ways: one of the university’s leading plant physiologists now cooperates with Amsterdam Genetics to improve our excellent results even further.


Working with the 'Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten'
The Association of Cannabis Retailers (BCD)

Since its official founding in December 1993, the originally Amsterdam-based Association of Cannabis Retailers (BCD) has achieved much already. Because of their efforts, for instance, every Amsterdam coffeeshop can now be transferred or sold just like any other company, even for coffeeshops in previously “overcrowded areas”. Decades of serious consultancy and advice have ensured that BCD is appreciated as a full-fledged branch organization. BCD has served as a valued discussion partner at Amsterdam city hall under a succession of respective mayors. Because of this respected position the BCD is able to express vitally constructive criticism on counterproductive regulations and policies, such as the methods used by HIT-teams and article 13B of the Dutch opiates act, for example.

With the support of council members, the BCD has contributed to a sound and realistic set of rules for coffeeshops to observe, as well as helping to shape local authorities and police procedures. In doing so, rules governing advertising, pre-rolled joints, and the sales of space-cake became more transparent. A milder approach of the deeply unpopular HIT-teams was requested in turn, as well as a halt to stop-and-search procedures during customer checks.

Under the third cabinet of prime minister Balkenende, the Netherlands was struck again with a phenomenon known as “the war on coffeeshops”. As part of this renewed offensive against coffeeshops, a distance criterion was enforced between schools and coffeeshops. Although this distance-criterion was included in the government agreement, it was never actually encoded in the opium act. In Amsterdam, mutual consult led to an agreement on a walking distance of 250 meters.

Between these modest victories, the larger battle raged on. Despite contributions of the BCD and external support from, among others, the Drugs consultancy agency, dozens of coffeeshops were forced to shut down after their licenses were revoked. The BCD did however prevent the overall cancellation of license extensions, at least for the time being.

A project known as the “Rode Loper”, Dutch for ‘Red Carpet’, marked the beginning of dark times for the BCD. Over the course of this project, 26 coffeeshops were forced to close, despite the enormous amount of energy, time and money that the BCD spent in their defence.

In 2016, coffee shops in the city centre had to cope with a series of hit-and-run shop window shootings. The shootings took place after closing time, and luckily, there were never any personal injuries – or worse. Close contacts between the BCD and City Hall led to extensive discussions, after which the parties arrived at a written agreement to deal with the matter. In times of crises, the BCD has never shied away from its responsibilities, and this continued investment has led to a fruitful relationship with city authorities.

By 2017, BCD membership had steadily grown to considerable numbers, even though the actual number of Amsterdam coffeeshops declined sharply. By now, the alliance has extended its sphere of influence, welcoming members from various cities including Enkhuizen, Beverwijk, Haarlem, Den Haag, Utrecht, and even faraway Groningen. The current administration searches rapprochement to other branch organisations, which resulted in the organisation of Cannabis Connect Entrepreneur Day in February 2017. Recent political developments continue to contribute to a further professionalisation of the alliance. Today, the future of organised cannabis retailers seems brighter than ever before.




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