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Since 2007 our coffeeshops have pushed the boundaries of quality and service. Every member of our team has been trained to provide our customers with the best information possible. We are the industry leaders in Education, Quality and Customer Service. Boerejongens [pronounced Bore-a-young-an’s] means Farmer Boy’s and we are the Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop.

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Our mission

What makes us
The Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop.

When we, the Boerejongens, are asked about our success. We like to make the comparison between a restaurant and that with a Michelin-Star. While both strive for superior quality, one is obviously better at it than the other.

The differences between ‘quality’ and ‘top quality’ are spread throughout the business:

  • Top quality products
  • Our product knowledge & customer service
  • The growing diversity of our products
  • The quality of our shops and dispensaries
  • The ambiance
  • The price to quality ratio
  • Host in a three-piece suit and matching bowler hat
  • Stylish interior that radiates what we do and stand for: Great class

To provide the best price to quality ratio while constantly setting out to set new standards. The key behind the success of Boerejongens is the trust in our product from our customers.

What makes our products so special?

We listen to what our customers are looking for and use this knowledge to further improve on our quality. The knowledge that’s invested in our Hash Blocks has been passed down from one Hash farming generation to another.

We are always willing to accept new knowledge from others. This is where you will find our passion. We see cannabis as art and every painting tells a story.

We will always keep changing, developing as a company. For us, this is part of the fun. Once you stop moving forward you’ll simply start to stagnate. With all of our passion, we constantly strive to give our customers what they desire...

Our service

Boerejongens differentiates themselves due to the striking neat clothing of the personnel. The customers choose us as the top of Amsterdam, we like to go a step further and the quality that our shop offers, we emit. This is all reflected in the entire interior and the clothing of our staff.

At Boerejongens Coffee shop Utrechtsestraat everyone wears white shirts with black braces and neat pants. The managers of the shops are dressed in a beautiful dark-blue three-piece suit.

Boerejongens West and Coffeeshop BIJ is defined by the fact that the personnel wear neat white pharmacy coats.

Quality products

Our team is active in the branch since 1985. We have more than the necessary experience and support our products’ quality with the utmost care. This can be seen from every aspect of our shops and manner of work.

We have multiple lab analyses to ensure the quality of our products and give the right advice to our customers.

On a regular basis we let enthusiasts review our products, the result of this we use in further development.

Quality also means that you need to raise the standard again, this keeps us sharp and creative. Always striving for perfecting, wanting to be the best.

Working at Boerejongens

We invest amply in our personnel, because we believe that a good and satisfied crew is necessary to keep your customers satisfied. That is why the staff follows at least three courses each year, both externally and internally. For example, there is a course ‘cannabis-career’. This certified course gives excellent product knowledge and should be the base for each coffee shop employee. These courses are needed to keep the high standard of the Boerejongens, on average it takes two years to become a fully trained employee. We want sommeliers behind the counter. Of course there are people who stand out. The employees are given the opportunity to grow within the organization and work on their career.


Working in partnership with Amsterdam Genetics

Another, very interesting, side branch which we entered years ago, is the trade of seeds. In this endeavor we collaborate with multiple good partners, such as the coffeeshopamsterdam and the Tweede Kamer. This collaboration has resulted in a new company: Amsterdam Genetics.

(In a distant past seeds were produced for us on a small scale, but the demand kept growing. We were forced to expand and become more professional. Even today we are very happy to have made the investment in the beautiful branch of argri- and horticulture.)

(We asked the owner of coffeeshopamsterdam and the Tweede Kamer to share their expertise, and collaborate in a new company: Amsterdam Genetics.) Here the powers of two powerhouses in the Coffee shop world of Amsterdam were bundled and during many years an amazing team has gathered with deep and diverse knowledge and expertise.

An example which we are proud of: the university of Leiden is currently working with the genetics that we have made available for them and one of their plant physiologists cooperates with Amsterdam Genetics in further development in our branch.

At this moment led-lights are being developed for growth purposes and also here seeds from Amsterdam Genetics are used.

We do our part in development.

Working with the Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten
The Association of Cannabis Retailers (BCD)

Since the official founding in December 1993 the, originally from Amsterdam, Association of Cannabis Retailers has achieved much already. For example, every coffee shop can now be transferred or sold just like any other company. Even for coffee shops in previously “over concentrated areas” this is now possible because of the commitment of BCD. Because of the contribution of BCD the outlet license conservation was extended seven more years than in the rest of the Netherlands. Luckily, the BCD is seen as a full-fledged branch organization and is a valued discussion partner of the city hall, meanwhile under the rule of the third mayor. Because of this respected position the BCD is able to express criticism on the execution of HIT-teams and article 13B of the opium law.

With the support of council members the BCD has succeeded in making good agreements about the rules which coffee shops should adhere to and procedures of the local authorities and police. In doing so, transparency emerged about: the rules of advertising, pre-rolled joints, and the sales of space-cake. In return a milder approach of the HIT-team was requested as well as a lack of searching when a customer is being checked.

Since the cabinet of Balkenede III the Netherlands was struck again with a phenomenon known as “the battle against the coffee shops”. This caused the distance between schools and coffee shops, better known as the distance-criterion. The distance-criterion was included in the government agreement, but luckily never reached the opium law. For the distance-criterion in Amsterdam a walking distance of 250 meters was determined, though this varies per province. Despite contribution of the BCD and external support from, among others, the consultancy firm Drugs, the alliance has not been able to cause an extension of a certificate of sales for dozens of shops, which made them stop the sale of Cannabis. The BCD did prevent the total introduction of the required extension for now, which means the last coffee shops will close in June 2017. In addition, because of BCD’s commitment, one coffee shop was able to move.

A dark period in the existence of the BCD is the introduction of a project known as the “Rode Loper”. The enormous amount of energy, time and money that the BCD has spent in her defence hasn’t been able to prevent that 26 coffee shops were forced to close.

In 2016, coffee shops in the centre of the city had to deal with shootings of front windows. The shootings took place after closing time, and luckily there were never any injured or worse; dead. However, it did alert the branch and the local authorities. By means of good contacts with the city hall an extensive discussion between the BCD and the mayor was held, and written agreements have been made. In times of crises the BCD and the city hall are always able to get along well.

Meanwhile it is 2017 and the membership count of the BCD has grown. On the other hand the amount of coffee shops in Amsterdam has declined considerably over the past five years. The alliance also knows members outside of Amsterdam. For example the alliance has members in: Enkhuizen, Beverwijk, Haarlem, Den Haag, Utrecht, and Groningen. The current administration searches rapprochement to other branch organisations, which caused the organisation of Cannabis Connect Entrepreneur day in February 2017. Recent political developments contribute to a further professionalisation of the alliance.

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