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Where Quality, Meets Excellence. Amsterdam’s Best Coffeeshop

Boerejongens Coffeeshops and Dispensaries

The Cannabis Sommeliers of Amsterdam

Since 2007 our coffeeshops have pushed the boundaries of quality and service. Every member of our team has been trained to provide our customers with the best information possible.

We are the industry leaders in Education, Quality and Customer Service.

Boerejongens [pronounced Bore-a-young-an’s] means Farmer Boy’s and we are the Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop.

Boerejongens West

Baarsjesweg 239
1058 AA Amsterdam

Boerejongens Center

Utrechtsestraat 21
1017 VH Amsterdam

Boerejongens Bij

Bonairestraat 78
1058 XL Amsterdam

What makes us the

The Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop

When we, the Boerejongens, are asked about our success. We like to make the comparison between a restaurant and that with a Michelin-Star. While both strive for superior quality, one is obviously better at it than the other.

The differences between ‘quality’ and ‘top quality’ are spread throughout the business:

  • Our product knowledge & customer service
  • The growing diversity of our products
  • The quality of our shops and dispensaries
  • The ambiance
  • The price to quality ratio
  • Host in a three-piece suit and matching bowler hat
  • Stylish interior that radiates what we go and stand for: Great class

Luxurious & Distinctive Coffeeshops

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Working in partnership with
Amsterdam Genetics

Being able to keep Boerejongens at the forefront of the Coffeeshop Industry is something very important to us. Working in partnership with Amsterdam Genetics allows us to deliver exactly the products our customers require.